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May 02, 2012



I had garden fever so bad on Monday night that we ate leftover tres leches cake for dinner.

vintage market place

I know you are miserable but it sounds heavenly to me.
Any time ya wanna house swap I am in, lol
Sun galore here today and the mister's on in the backyard to keep us cool...that is as close to rain as we get
Take care

Anya @ SAS-does

I know exactly what you are talking about, Alicia. We are finally enjoying warmer days and I am spending every free moment outside: weeding, planting, watching ... I haven't been taking care of the house in almost a week!!!

BTW I absolutely love your garden - it's so beautiful! Can't wait to see it all green ;)


How beautifully atmospheric your photos are, as always. We are having tempestuous weather here in the UK, too. My poor garden has been virtually untouched for over a fortnight.


Where in the world did you get that amazing mug!?!?!


I hear you OH HOW I HEAR YOU -- I feel like I am dressing my daughter in the same clothes for school that I was putting on her in the winter time (we're up above you in WA. state)-- there was that brief tease of nice-ish weather around Easter and then it's been dismal since!

Ok let's talk cooking, since we both seem to love the same Brit cooking folks. Sophie Dahl has a show?? Cool! I have her book, and I would love love to see her show!


Your pics are just beautiful and so "inviting"! Happy gardening to you... the rest can wait :-).

Teresa Kasner

More delicious photos.. they are so uniquely moody and so PNW. Say, I just put up a post showing a neat Camas Lily patch on the way to Multnomah Falls.. hope you have time to go look. We're having the same cat and mouse game with the sun out here in Corbett.. which is a bonus as the weather forecast was for rain rain rain. :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Launi Anderson

Oooh, yes. Gardening does make coming back inside and focusing on housekeeping a bit of a challenge--doesn't it. Your garden is so beautiful. I'd love to borrow your creative brain for an afternoon to make ours so lovely. :}


I am new to your blog and I find it so delightful. It feels like home to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world.


Cooking shows and episodes of House Hunters International are my "soothers" of choice - especially on a day such as you describe.

Deborah Bauernfeind

DeLovely. See! Heidi commented above me just what I've been feels like home here. **happy smiles** Deborah


Have you seen the River Cottage Veg series?
And also (if you don't already have them) any Leon cookbooks?
This one's my fave:


I love the pansy pictures.. the color of them is just beautiful! Hope you stay warm under the quilts and furry ones!


Your garden is so cute. Is it between your sidewalk and street? Very interesting.


These photos (and your garden!) are gorgeous. I also love the River Cottage series and would definitely recommend the River Cottage Veg cookbook.

Where did you get your cup? I love it!


Those pansies are deliciously pink! And thanks for sharing your willow twig fencing source. Who knew Amazon carried such a lovely garden accessory. Stay warm & snug.


I see peeks of flowers in your photos . . . much further along then our spring plants.
HOWEVER . . . the blooms and blossoms are not far away for Michigan I am sure. I really enjoy your blog presentation and your photos are outstanding . . . Happy May Days . . .


Oh yes garden fever is like crack cocaine, I can't stop til it's pouring rain or pitch dark! Not even for sleep or cross stitching!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Your pictures make me realize how lucky your neighbors are!
What beauty, for all to gaze upon.


I've been following your blog for a long time, referred by a friend. Your photos make me happy- what a cozy life you do live! Thank you for writing. I've added you to my list of blogs I read regularly at check me out if you have time!

Melissa L.

GREAT aerial photo of your garden and yard! Really puts in all in perspective. Can't wait to see how your garden grows and matures.


you are like a ray of sunshine, making peaceful looks so beautiful.


My husband have had a YouTube River Cottage marathon going for weeks, so you're in good company. Working now on making my quilt pile... Love your photos, keep them coming!

Lisa G.

I am also beginning to garden, and started with compost, too!

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