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April 02, 2012



Luscious. It just looks luscious!

so wish I could do crafty things like you. But it's nice living vicariously through all the beautiful things you create, Alicia!


Oh my! I did not expect to see a completed quilt top so quickly! It is gorgeous, you were definitely under some type of quilting spell. Maybe you broke some quilting record? I'm excited to see it with all your lovely embroidery threads.....and envying your time spent under such a warm and lovely project. Amazing.

Jamie V

Just wonderful! I'm so inspired and amazed! Jamie V in MT


beautiful weather and quilt :)


I can relate to your wanting this beautiful quilt to be all yours and not sending it out to be professional quilted. It is beautiful as is and I also love your thought of different colors of embroidery floss for the tying of it. I sure you've heard this time and time again YOU are so creative.

On another note - can you send rain our way. We are in the midst of freakish winds and wildfires. Rain sounds like heaven.


Holy quilting, lady! You are seriously amazing. Didn't you just design this like, like, um, less than a week ago? Wow wow wow. I was wondering how you were going to finish it. Can't wait to see it all tied up!

Jo Ludbrook

So lovely. I finished a quilt top today too, from a beautiful piece of embroidered silk with a peacock on it. Very different to all your lovely soft colours though.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

I'm breathless!
I love that you still managed to take photographs, capturing the robin, the cat stepping lightly... all the colors, and light, the elements out your window, in the room, reflected in your beautiful quilt.


What an accomplishment - it's a beautiful quilt. I was going to sell my 'Rose' quilt - the first one I made this year, but then I kept it! I just love snuggling under it every night - it's freezing here, but sunny in the daytimes. There's snow - yes SNOW forecast for the next day or so - more quilts needed! Enjoy Springtime!


wow, its beautiful!

jenn nahrstadt

having only ever made 1 quilt in my life, reading this was like reading through an explanation of something in a foreign language. it was entertaining, though, and however you did what you did, i'm impressed!

happy tieing.


Alicia, do you ever hand quilt? With that type of top you could have so much fun with different quilting designs. I'm biased - it's my most favorite part of the entire quilting process!


Lovely Lovely Lovely, I am so inspred by portlanders who take the streches of crappy weather and turn them into something lovely. You inspire me to do more then just pout about the house during the next stretch of rainy days!


Love the kitty feet on the quilt edge!


Are you seriously DONE with that quilt???????

vintage market place

My jaw has just hit the floor....

Nic @ Yardage Design

I'm seriously impressed and I love the idea of being under a sewing spell ~ it was awesome to watch your progress over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the ties (a few tips on how this is done would be wonderful too). Love your photographs. Your blog is such a homey one ~ I love visiting.


Ok I go away for a few days and you are talking about fabric and doing a quilt I come back and you have it together. Amazing! Its very beautiful!


It's amazing how fast this went from vision to completion. The top makes me think of a sweet rural village -- streets of houses, with fields surrounding them. I love the patched back.

Cindy Pittman

Truly funny and light-hearted and whimsical- your writing. I think I've experienced this same quilt spell, and oh, how delightful to be swept up in its magic.

Here in Texas, I'm being summoned to my garden. My cool weather veggies are all up and showing promise with the rest of the garden calling my name, before the real heat shows up and we wonder, "And why do we live in Texas?"

Keep writing on and quilting and embroidering and cooking and cross-stitching, and all the lovely things you do. We are reveling in your creations right alongside you!!!



Boy--that came together quickly! I love that it looks so random. I can just imagine cuddling under it. Thanks for sharing. You are inspiring.


You are amazing, it would have taken me months to put something like that together!

All I managed to get done the last couple of days was paint rainbow colours on my toenails and do a lot of spreading the word about the rainbow toed army of support for folk fighting breast cancer. (The story is on my blog if anyone is interested.)


holy mackeral! you just went for it, didn't you! if it were me, they'd be lining my coffin with the unfinished thing! :)

love it, it's just beautiful!


Wow, the quilt is so beautiful! You are definitely on a roll; I'm predicting it will be done by next weekend :: }
I live in Southern Oregon and we've also had the crazy weather - wind, rain, sun, wind, rain, sun . . . Welcome April, hmmm. I came home from work sick on Thursday afternoon and I'm still here, nasty sinusy cold. On the positive side I've started a granny stripe blanket a la Lucy at Attic 24 and so far I've done 50 rows (25 stripes). It's 4 ft wide and I plan to make it about 6 ft long, so I have a ways to go, but I'm loving it. The Stylecraft Special DK she recommends is lovely stuff and I found a UK online seller who ships free to the US. I have a large patch (16" squares) quilt in the works and I'm waiting for some Dream Wool from Fabric Depot; I'll be in sewing mode soon so I hope my backorder arrives soon. Thanks for telling us about Dream Wool, I love puffy quilts and it's wonderful that it's washable! Enjoy your week.


OMGoodness! I turn my back for a few days (I haven't been by since Friday) and you've gone and made THAT quilt. I am seriously amazed. You're amazing! What an incredible, original, wonderful quilt!

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