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Sunshine Day

The weather here has been so glorious the past few days it's almost all I can think about. And talk about. I think my life revolves around the weather more than I think it does. Getting outside into the sunshine...
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Flowered Eggs

Last night Andy and I made some Easter eggs inspired by these pretty ones. I just clipped some tiny sprigs from our tangle of a yard, placed them on the raw eggs, took a square of pantyhose (if you do...
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Spring Plans

Loveliest friends for dinner Tuesday night. I made a salad with roasted vegetables, chicken tikka masala, and basmati-rice pudding with cardamom (my version of kheer). I'd make a double batch of this pudding next time. Maybe triple. 'Cause I wish...
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It was so beautiful yesterday. I had the doors and windows open. I didn't have any music on at all, just so I could hear all of the birdsong we've been missing so much these past long months. I have...
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Spring Rain

Whew. A few days ago I was about to do something else, and before I knew it was sitting under an enormous half-finished quilt with a big blister on my finger. It was like I accidentally stepped into the fairy...
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I know.

I've got problems.
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