Lemons and Poppyseeds

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I finally finished tying the quilt shortly after I took this photo. It was all I could do not to take it out of the dryer (I always wash and dry my quilts [on warm] the minute I finish them), put my pajamas back on, and hop back into the bed. But instead I made a poppyseed lemon cake. I'll let you know how it turns out. How both turn out!


i don't blame you. That quilt looks extra cozy and with that beautiful kitty too. Heaven.
Yum LEMON cake sounds darn good right about now...
It is a lovely sunny 89* here.

you are the most ambitious girl i know. honestly. have a good night alicia xo

The guilt is beautiful! And the cake sounds delicious! Enjoy them together...

Your photos just keep getting better and better. I don't even especially like lemons and that batter looks wonderful.

I want to crawl in there. Into the quilt and into that batter.

Lemon-poppyseed is my favorite combo! I'm sure your cake will be delicious. Your quilt looks pretty yummy too!

The quilt looks amazing, but man those are some beautiful eggs!

So, you are teasing us by not showing us the end result haha. Perhaps you'll show the cake tomorrow? The quilt is really pretty.

Alicia, I love your world. Quilts, cats, Clover Meadow, baking. I just love reading about what you're up to and get so excited when I see there's a new post. I so look forward to the pictures. Thanks for sharing it all.
Now I'll have to make that cake. In my dreams, I will make that quilt!

you are so utterly inspirational. may we know what recipe you used for the nummers cake? thank you. cat, quilt, cake. sounds like "as i was going to st. ives...".

I would imagine that both turned out just spectacular!
But send me a sample of the cake so I can better judge.

Yummy (I hope!!!)!!!
xxx Alessandra

The gleeful anticipation is infectious.

Kristi Shreenan says: April 17, 2012 at 08:03 PM

I am so torn: if I were forced to choose, would I cuddle with the kitty or with the quilt? Hmmmmmm.....I'll have to mull that one over while eating a piece of lemon poppyseed cake....

Oh, yum, that looks delish! I must say, I am dying to know how you keep your ties from coming untied. I have failed miserably in all attempts.

Oh that quilt looks divine! and the cake yummy :)

Quilt: YUM. Cake: YUM.

Lovely work, Alicia! I am enjoying some tea and crocheting a Queen Anne's Lace scarf. I share your joy!

Hi Alicia, I love reading your blog and seeing all your gorgeous photos of your kitty cats and sweet clover meadow. You are so very clever with craft and cooking and have a beautiful cozy home with abundant love showing through in every photo. You are my daily dose of inspiration...thank you!

I love the colors of your quilt. They are perfect.


What a lovely quilt! And I love poppyseed cake AND lemons... Yummy

thriftwood says: April 18, 2012 at 02:02 AM

I LOVE the quilt! And the cake looks scrumptious already ... can't wait for the unveiling of the finished product xxx

Your quilt looks extra squishy - awesome. I haven't tied a quilt, but am obsessed with quilting on my new machine. Wildflower Meadow quilt is about a day or so off completion I reckon, given a fair wind! Cake mixture looks lovely - my kids still lick the bowl when I cake-bake, despite being in their 20's!

Such nice pics, love your kitty! :-)

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