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April 10, 2012



It looks so green and lush - lovely! :-)


One year my dad & I compiled all the photos we took of wildflowers in the Sawtooths, and went through and identified (most all) of them. So lovely getting to know the wild flowers...


Looks so lovely ~ I've got to go there! getting a puppy in the next few weeks and excited to have a new walking companion!


I wanted to immediately grab my wildflower books and go into "identify now" mode.
Lovely photos.
The trillium's allow me to feel Spring has arrived.


This reminds me of the sweet little Wildflower show the older ladies of the community used to put on in the town I grew up in. They would scour all their 'secret' spots to find a specimen of every native wildflower and put them on display at the community center. As a young teen, I loved volunteering to help display all those single blooms!
It looks like they are still putting the show together! It may be time for a roadtrip....


Such pretty photos! I don't recognize the flowers, but i presume most of them aren't found around here (Norway). We are however invaded by iberian slugs that devour our entire garden later in summer if I don't remove them tediously lingtly. Sigh.

Anya @ SAS-does

Beautiful photos!!! I am a little be jealous that you already have so many wild flowers. Ours are barely starting ....

Monique in TX

Can I come live with you?


So beautiful and green. I love how you write a story with photos. So talented!


Amazing pictures! Each delicate bloom is a thing of beauty. I really loved the pic of your puppy looking back at you wondering, with some concern, why you were so far behind :) She always makes me smile!!


Beautiful pictures, clover looks so sweet in 5th picture from the bottom looking back and waiting for you. Makes me long to take a walk in the woodlands.
Hooray for nature :)
Happy Tuesday


I love slugs. You caught that one beautifully.


i love that trail. i think it was quite possibly my favorite part of visiting Portland last year. enchanting. :)

Deborah Bauernfeind

DeLovely! **blows kisses** Deborah


Don't you just love living here--surrounded by all this natural beauty? Just returned from walking my dogs through Mt. Tabor Park - love watching all the plants waking up this spring and listening to the beautiful songs of the birds returning to Portland. What a wonderful way to start the day...


Beautiful pictures. I can even smell all of it :)

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Alicia - can I just say....

Your world is so enchanted to this Arizonan. So much green, so so so much lush green. Although, I do try in my own garden :)

But, to go out, and see such beauty - all tended by mother nature - watered by mother mature - all plump and flowered and beautiful... such bliss.

Your world, is truly the thing fairytales are made of.

Oh also - yes Typepad is using an atrocious new word verification. I can't even see it properly to decipher what it says, it is difficult. Although, I don't have word verification on my bloglette, and was spending a HUGE amount of time going through and deleting spam comments every morning for months, and now, that has died down considerably. So, hopefully, you won't have to deal with the rotten spam behind the scenes, too much ;)

Love, V


We just got our spring lighting catalog and were so excited to spot your hallway and the star of the show, CLOVER MEADOW! Yay!

Catherine ann

Stunning! And the slug is a nice touch ;)

Tanya Pedroni

Gorgeous pictures - love all the wild flowers...........


i've got a "thing" for fiddleheads...ahhhh baby ferns i love you...




Saw your hallway in the catalog...with the dog...cute.
nice pictures:-)


Totally gorgeous photos!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

The blooms there are so delicate, graceful.
They remind me of modest ladies, under bonnets and
parasols. Thank you for sharing your stroll with the

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