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March 08, 2012



So beautiful. I am beyond words for how much I love your first picture on this post.


So excited :). Order placed!

Teresa Kasner

Oh boy! I just ordered everything! I'm so pleased that you're offering the supplies too, as I have your last kit but never got around to getting a hoop.. now I can do both! I hope you have time to pop over to my blog - I'm doing a give-away of a pair of my sterling silver pine cone earrings. I'm off to volunteer at Multnomah Falls in a bit.. I'm taking my BGC (big girl camera) as it's sooooo sunny and pretty today!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)




Just ordered it! I'm terribly excited. I'm very particular about cross stitch designs and love this...thank you for offering something so beautiful and clean in design.

Anita K

I'm just like a kid, just ordered this kit and supplies and I'm so excited, can't wait for this to show up at my house in Tennessee, haven't cross stitched in about 20 years, Thank You Alicia for sharing this beautiful sampler with us....


Yay can't wait for the pdf pattern... the sampler looks beautiful :)


What a lovely kit. I just have one question, and I've wondered about this every time I've seen a photo of the sampler: what is that thing that looks sort of like a fried egg? Is it a tree fungus? Or??


Yay! I was thinking of only going to get the pattern, but the quality of the supplies look terrific.
P.S I know the frame is not included, but where can you did you get it?

Amy J.

Yay!!! I was so excited to see this up today! I ordered mine just now, I and I cannot wait to receive it and start stitching. The end of March can't come soon enough! Thank you Alicia!


I have just spent my first winter running in the woods with the local group called Coyotes... I have been stitching my whole life but have not done a project in awhile and I cant wait to stitch this!! It will bring back so many memories of my first winter exploring the trails and having fun with friends. Cant wait to get started :)

Beth Wilson

Ohhhh....I am so excited !! And, no, I did not make a mistake by ordering 5 ( five !! ). I have 7 children, 5 of whom are married with families - from California to Georgia - and I just LOVE the thought that each will have a sampler in their home, forming a connectedness
between siblings. They will receive it framed at Christmas.
* just hoping you'll still have 2 more for the younger
ones in the future .....
Hugs, Beth in Virginia


Congratulations! The sampler is beautiful. I love the look of the linen.


Hooray! I've placed my order. I've been thinking of you both too, while doing my stitching this winter.
Doing the crewelwork sampler was some of the best needlework fun I've ever had. I can't wait to get started on this. And the project you're working on now looks A-MAZING. Thanks!


I really like how this sampler looks.


awww sweet bunners at the bottom of the sampler-- I'd stitch his (her?) little tail in white. cute cute


This is just gorgeous!!! The colors are beyond fabulous!

I too wondered what that was by the n. Is that a nut maybe?


Such a nice surprise, I was thinking it would be another couple of weeks until you were taking orders. I've put my order in Alicia - I had planned to just get the chart but the thought of not having to pick up fabric, floss, etc. was so appealing! There's never enough time around here and one less errand is such a welcome gift in nerve jangled, snail paced L.A. traffic.


Wish a visit from Clover Meadow and a piece of the boysenberry pie came along with it! ;)

Happy weekend!


Love it Alicia!!!!

Todd Slusar

Order placed and "pinned" on Pinterest!


Yay! Super happy and excited!!!

Patti Dunaway

just ordered my Winterwoods kit--normally I buy my all my own supplies but it will be a treat to use what you have picked out! Have recently resumed stitching after many years away, with my Ott light and a super pair of the "cheater" type reading glasses (in addition to my regular glasses--what a look ;) to make up for 50+ year old eyes! I just wish Downton Abbey was starting another season RIGHT NOW to make my joy complete...Alicia, I'm seeing four seasons of samplers with the woodsy, nature themes--you think you can come up with four designs for us??? Patti RN


I happily ordered my kit this morning and I couldn't resist those adorable scissors. I love doing cross stitch and samplers are my weakness, so this one is perfect. I'm another person that hopes my old eyes can still see well enough to stitch! Thank you!


Ay, I'd sworn off cross stitch after an experience long ago, so didn't think I'd be tempted, but this is simply beautiful! And if it's as well put-together as your embroidery kits (and I'm sure it is), maybe it's time to try again... Thanks!

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