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Gah. This time of year. I'll call it freezing, with floral accents. It's very, very, very, very gray, and cold, outside. The light reads periwinkle. Everything's periwinkle. I've been knitting a cowl for, oh, ever. This is from the top down, increasing (getting wider at the bottom) as you go. Inspired by this one. One might think one should finish one's knit neckwear in wintertime, but then one remembers that one lives in the PNW and one knows [one sobs] that one has until . . . oh . . . June. To finish. One's knit neckwear. The yarn is exceptional (Tosh Merino DK). The color: called Antler. Warm, squishy-soft, creamy single-ply perfection. To warm the cool periwinkles, the silverlights of spring.

Last night our friend Shelly called while I was brushing my teeth. I heard Andy talking to her. He was summarizing different cable channels she might not be familiar with, lest her TV-watching habits differ from mine. Hallmark Channel was about "leprechaun experts." Lifetime was "secret lives." Not to be confused with Lifetime Movie Network, "which is, like, Girl Power. You know what I mean." I was sputtering toothpaste. I thought it was so funny. I'm afraid to hear how he would describe Bravo.

I don't know if I've ever told you, but . . . Clover doesn't like birds. More specifically, certain bird sounds. Regard the expression in the photo above: seconds after one trilled just outside the window. We can't figure it out. It's only certain songs, and I don't know exactly which birds sing them. She worries. Wind (I can understand), firecrackers (hate them!), and some birds (wha???): These are no friends of hers. Oh, sweetheart. It's okay. I usually try to distract her with something fun when it happens. Something fun like sticking a camera in her face and taking her picture. Just kidding. No, like playing, or having her give me her paw, and then her other paw, and then her other paw. Tossing the flappy toy. I think that's what Cesar says to do when dogs get nervous? Doesn't always work, but I guess it's something. Sweetest girl.

We had new pendants installed in the living room. This one hangs in the middle of the room over the little side table by the chair (and one hangs over the back corner of the sofa by the window). There's really only one way this room can ever be configured. Especially now that there's a pendant hanging in the middle of it. Chicken or egg thing, really.


oh sad face, poor clover.
the color of the cowl is gorgeous.
I do all my knitting and crocheting in the summer.
I turn on the air conditioner way down and put on old episodes of the gilmore girls and pretend it is autumn outside.
That way all my hats are ready for boutiques by fall ;)

Enjoy that cool weather, we just had our last day of beautiful winter weather and now we will be on to 100+ temps soon, ugh

Oh that poor baby! She does look terribly worried so. Hopefully she'll work through it. Nice lamp! Thanks for sharing.

Poor, sweet girl! :-)

I like your home everytime I see different pics from it, looks so cozy and inviting! :-)

I just want to be Clover's friend.
In the wind, when birds sing... she compels me
to reach for her paws. Dear girl.
Like you, we have daffodils in the house, to remind us
it is Spring. In spite of the cccc-cold, it is spring.

I love your blog, it makes me laugh out loud at some of the things you write.
Your house is beautiful it sometimes makes me wish i lived in Portland too but then i walk outside and feel the heat from the sun on my face and im happy im in Little old England (sorry to rub it in there but we are having glorious spring weather here, now watch though now im bragging it will do what it usually does in england and rain haha)
Wishing you a happy day

Had to laugh about the birds, poor Clover, she looks so worried. Blue hates helicopters. Living in LA, it's kind of hard to get away from them (news, police, emergency, etc.). He gets all riled up and jumps/lunges at the sky barking wildly. Craziest thing. Luckily they pass by quickly!

Such a precious girl. My Jake is so similar. Wind, fireworks, lightning - all make him very concerned and needy. But not birds. Hmm.

Love the cowl! So very pretty... I might have to put that on my list of things to knit.

Yes, birds are new to our doggie's list this year. It has a lot to do with our neighborhood woodpecker rapping on our chimney hood and the young starling that is having a love affair with his reflection in our dining room window.

I do hope we get a peek at the sun soon...these snowy showers are making the dulldrums harder to bare!

diana wessel says: March 21, 2012 at 10:32 AM

I just have to that a Bennington Potters mug? I have been using Bennington dishes for almost 40 years. Love the blue.

I'm in love with your dog.

I am in love with your new pendant (and your sweet Clover). We have the most laid back mini schnauzer ever. He doesn't even pay attention to the squirrels in the yard. Once when we were sitting out by the bird bath a cedar waxwing landed on him and he just sat there. Wish I was quick enough to have gotten a pic of that. I so enjoy your posts... even if the light is grey everything looks so warm and cozy. :)

Oh madelinetosh, how I love your yarny fabulousness: I swear I am wearing my "Fragrant" cowl until August if I feel like it.

And please don't worry, Clover, Mom will save you from the birds.

"It's very, very, very, very gray, and cold, outside."
I second that.
Are all the flowers blooming like crazy enough to ward off DREARY?

Alicia, you just make everything seem so magical. And lovely and snuggly. Love visiting your blog! Yes, the weather is miserable, isn't it? I just ordered some dansko clogs from rei today with my coupon/dividends. Most people in the US would be ordering shoes appropriate for nice weather, or even summer! But the danskos will get used until June (and hopefully not July) when the nicer weather hits Portland. I've been meaning to cast on the same cowl in Malabrigo natural, which I bought for that purpose. Need to get to that. Oh, but wait. I've got plenty of time! :) Have you seen this new cowl? I heart it and am working on it instead.
Have a happy day and stay dry! :)

Your little Clover is just too sweet:)
And your blog is lovely! I have been here before but it was a while the other day I looked in here again and went back to look at a lot of things that I missed......and I got touched by a lot of things you wrote...but especially one thing.....about the adoption and sorry for you but I do hope that one day soon it will be your time:)
Im from Sweden myself so I thought I is fun that you look a bit at Scandinavian/Swedish style when decorating your home.....although I do recognize a few things from IKEA, I dont really find your home that Scandinavian....but I do find it very charming:) I also spent some time in the US when I was younger and think its fun to look at blogs from other countrys than Sweden.
Thank you for sharing !
Hugs/ Nettan

Our dog, a standard poodle, goes into guard dog mode when he hears the quail around our house make a certain kind of sound. I figured out that it was the sound they make when a cat is in the area--so he's on guard for the cat when he hears the quail noise.

sorry it is cold and gray there. I usually love to see your spring photos because you have flowers, etc 1+ months before Massachusetts gets them. Except this year. 83 degrees out and I see pink buds on trees. Unheard of! It should be 40 and cold here right now.

Ha, I love the snippet of your husband's phone conversation. It sounds so much like something my Joe would say to one of my friends if I was similarly unavailable. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Your home always looks so warm and cozy; it's snowing out here in Boring today--and sticking--the trees look like a winter wonderland - on March 21. I currently have another cowl on my knitting needles, too. I'm using Cascade Pima, thinking that I could use a lighter weight cowl for the warmer spring days--guess I don't have to hurry to finish it. Hoping that those evil birds fly away and let Clover enjoy a nice, cozy day nestled on the sofa...too funny, our animals.

Julie G. in Iowa says: March 21, 2012 at 11:27 AM

Sweet little Clover Meadow. Before I even read your post I could tell she was spooked by something. So expressive!
Love the vintage-looking lights and twisted cord - really great.

Big hugs to Clover from MacIntosh! Our Corgi does not like birds either! I am not sure why that is but I observe it many times. I never thought about it but you must be right it's the shrill sounds...
And it is still very much dreary and blustery on the coast here (Pacific NW).

Yes, your cowl is beautiful. In fact, that yarn is beautiful! But let me come to the real subject of this comment: Your table.

I am in love with your table. It anchors all your photos, your apples, your knitting, your daffodils. Such a rich and solid piece. Do share where you got it from!

Among other things, you make me want to knit (I crochet), want to live in a home with white beadboard and grey walls, and want to own a corgi.
I can relate to your weather, living in south-western BC.
Rain. Oy.

Sweet Clover. Love the color of your cowl. I live in Oregon and don't plan on seeing the summer until mid-July. Spring? maybe, maybe not.


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