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March 14, 2012



Can't wait to hear more about Mrs. Delany from you. My family loves your bread recipe - I get requests for it.

How do you make your grids? Is there a program?

Sunny Simple Life

Oh nothing like home made bread.


Oh I do love that bread of yours! I made it last night. ♥


Looks so delicious - I can feel the smell! :-)


Mrs. Delaney's story is quite amazing & so very inspiring. Your new projects look & sound wonderful ! can't wait to see & hear more about them. Off to google heated kitty bowls & will try that delicious looking bread tomorrow. Thanks

Bethany Hissong

If only I could eat regular flour... I can smell it all the way out here on the eastern side of the US! I'm really hoping you are starting to think about another book! You are making it really, really hard to wait for the sampler kit to come!


That bread looks wonderful. I make no-knead bread all the time but this is a new method that looks intriguing.

Is there a second rise in the pan or just put it straight in the oven?


The tiny peaks at your flower sampler are killing me. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

If there is hope for Ms. Delany, there may yet be hope for me.


Ooooohhh, that bread looks yummy and sounds maybe easy enough for me and my yeast phobia. :)

I have that Gerda Bengtsson counted thread book too - from the 70's or early 80's? Love her patterns - even have some Danish Flower Thread.

Happy stitching!


I have made this bread so many times after seeing it on your blog awhile back. Love, love, love!


March has the perfect weather for making bread . . .Thanks!

Angela B

Your bread looks yummy! Take your time percolating, I look forward to the results. I do hope you offer this in a kit as well.


I love that bread recipe but I really love that bread bowl! Is that a Roseville pottery bowl?


Never tried a no-knead recipe before...I'm intrigued!

So nice to run into someone who knows of Mrs. Delaney. I have a beautiful book with her life story and prints of her works. I ordered very reasonably from Al Libris book site. i love to pick it up for inspiration--and a strong dash of humility. How DID she do all that and so accurately?!


I'm really enjoying seeing the progress of that sampler, the black is so effective, who'd've thought? Can't wait to see the finished product...


I love the flowers on the black back-ground. I have never ordered one of your kits, or done any cross-stich... but if this new kit comes out with the black fabric, I'll have to order one and learn to cross stich! It's just beautiful ~


Love love love the flowers!


ooh I love what you are working on! I have a no knead bread recipe I plan on trying this weekend.. supposed to rain around here so I can't think of anything better! lovely pictures as always..


Yum! I can smell it from here. Save me a

xo Linda

San D

Thank you for sharing the bread recipe - can't wait to try it myself now - seeing so many have tried it and love it. What a wonderful idea and a tribute to Mrs. Delaney's work.... I love her sensitive floral collages and that book. :)


Love the cross stitched flowers on the black fabric, really sets the colors off! Your bread bowl reminds me of one my mom had, stripe, color and size! I'll be trying this bread recipe soon! Thanks!


Your photos are exquisite as always! I've never made a no knead bread before...I am excited to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing:)

Teresa Kasner

Gosh I love fresh baked bread... hubby read the recipe and I'm hoping he tries it. :-) He's the baker in the family. It would help us through this rainy weather.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)



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