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March 20, 2012


Renaisy Daisy

That first picture is so beautiful, I can almost feel the sunlight resting on my own skin.


Already!? Ack! Soooooooooooo excited.

Anita K

So excited about the kits on the way, you have made me so happy as well as my sweet mother-in-law, she doesn't have a computer, so I call and fill her in most days on your updates, she has been having a time of it since we lost my father-in-law in a hunting accident, I think having this kit to stitch will help her. We had a great laugh about your Andy, a very special guy, but you already know that...


We were up in Portland this weekend and I was just so enamored of the weather. When I was driving to my office yesterday morning in the snow I may have squealed out loud like a four year old on Christmas morning. I thought to myself, "I can't wait to see what Alicia blogs about this weather."


You are getting snow and here in New England we are having 80 degree weather! I'm not complaining - it's nice to have the windows open this early in the year.
Can't wait to sit outside and stitch with your new pattern :)


So nice to ease into spring. I feel like we jumped right into summer here, and while its lovely too, I hpoe we get some "light sweater" days too.


The light in that first shot is dreamy. And you seem to have such pretty and photogenic houses where you live. I'm very excited that my order is soon to be on it's way... x

Bethany Hissong

Please inform your state that it's the first day of Spring! I keep thinking I shouldn't plant yet because Mother Nature might just do the same here in PA!



Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Lovelyness... I thought the spring snow was from those beautiful blossoms, until I scrolled down a bit more.


Where, oh where, is that yellow house?!? That picture is so pretty I want to see the rest of it!


OH! So pretty,,,pretty! I love how full and mature your tree is. It looks amazing up against your beautiful home!

Happy Tuesday,,,,happy 1st day of Spring!


Connie @ Daydream In Color

Lovely pics. Ahh pine state. I could use one right now!


Imagine my surprise when I opened my email and it said my order was shipped. You really don;t let any grass grow under your feet, WOW!! Loved the Andy post,such a character. Your photos were terrific as usual. If it had been my dog and there was snow, I wouldn't be able to blast her out of the house with dynamite. It can't be too hot or too cold. Spoiled puppers. I'll be waiting at the mailbox with baited breath. For everything you do, Thanks.


Love the pics though I was thinking mmm lovely scone, where's the biscuit? I always remember reading about biscuits and gravy and totally not getting how someone could eat an English style biscuit with gravy :)




Always cheerful and such yummy pictures.

Loved Andy's entry of yesterday. He surely is a man of many talents. Good job on the cross stitch, too!


I wondered at the mention yesterday, but now I can't resist asking: Who is Nanny Katie, well, nannying?


I got my kit. And I love it. I want to drop everything and make my kids have cereal for dinner and stitch the night away. For reals. Alas, there are home projects galore to work on, kids to shuttle to their book clubs and a Blazer game with friends tonight. Would it be rude to take my little hoop and stitch at the b-ball game??


Love the full-body wiggle of happy doggies! I love the way you are able to immerse yourself in such enjoyment of your days. Every one of your blog posts warms my heart.


That's dog does that when we go for hikes, she will recognize the regulars from far away.

I am always, still, just amazed by your photos. They are always so cool and yet exude such warmth. Yes, I really did just write that.

Happy Spring.

kathe kramer

I need you! I need you to know how much I love coming here even though I not do any of the marvelous things you do. I need you to know how much I love looking at Clover Meadow and the cats and of course Andy. I need you to know I would not embroider under duress but I come here to soak you up.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Alicia.. I got my lovely kit and hoop and needles and all and now I need to figure out how to do this. :-) Hubby read your blog and saw your biscuit and went to Pine State Biscuit website and we both watched Guy Fieri there... now we want biscuits.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Love the pictures.


Those photos were sooo relaxing to look at. Did my little heart good!
Ms. Clover is so well behaved, what a love!

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