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"If you're gonna take my picture then you gotta tell the people about my high score."


The people have heard!! The people applaud!

Yeah Andy!!!! I can hear the roar........

Ha! So funny! In our house that would be me :)

LOL! The Master. Love it! :D

Temple run?

I ~heart~ gamers.


That is so funny!!! I used to love video games and such. When I was 17 my sister and I sat in front of the nintendo I think it was, for a 3 day weekend, trying to get to the end of Super Mario. We were obsessed, entranced, and when we reached the end, we were so proud. I think we celebrated with more chicken wings than anyone should eat, haha!

Yay for Andy!!! (yay Andy!!)

What will be his victory meal choice?

I wish I still had my old Atari, I loved centipede and pac-man. I know nothing baout video games now :) But I do love Tetris!!

ps: Eileen West and Lanz of Salzburg are my best friends. My main wardrobe all day, I should be embarrased to admit. (but I do work from home)

pss: The saddest part, when my fave long cotton Eileen Wests just rip and wither away from too much washing. Mending never holds for long. Then it's time for new ones. And some make it into the painting clothes pile.

Love, V

Bonnie Kane says: March 24, 2012 at 10:05 AM


You're the man Andy!

Such a great post! And it looks like you've got a little bit of sunlight there.

I usually only lurk here, but had to say congrats on the awesome high score and that I am totally loving the Psych phone cover!

Love the botanical prints. Isn't the sun today wonderful - yesterday was great too. Makes me smile.

Yabut u took ur own picture!!

Love the Psych phone cover!


I saw the pictures and read your post and was like wha? Then I saw the title.... hah! =)

Enjoy your weekend!

Gotta LOVE that Andy!! I wish we could clone him!

ha! what a star! Mxx

Too funny! I remember those days -competing with Hubby. What was Andy playing? I have that very same Shabby Chic light by the bedside!

You kids are cute. You have so much fun together.

Does Andy have a brother?

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