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Busy Day for the Hallways

We got home late last night after the Wilco show, then woke up bright and early this morning for the crew from Rejuvenation coming over to shoot our hallways for their catalog. I'm so hoping that Clover made it into...
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Recipe Box

Many years ago, maybe ten years ago, my mom gave me her 5" x 8" wooden recipe box. It was always in our River Forest house and then when my parents moved I think that's when she gave it to...
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Blustery Night

We went up early and snuggled in. Making oatmeal for breakfast right now. Hoping for a quiet day. I have a million little loose ends I need to get organized so we'll see. I'm never particularly good at tying up...
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Blustery Day

It's so windy today. Very unnerving. I have never liked wind. My puppers does not like it either. Usually she cries a little bit at a big gust. Usually I clench my teeth, I notice. I have to remind myself...
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Winter-Spring Things

I made a little still life yesterday afternoon of my winter-spring things. The wind is blowing like crazy this morning. My fabric sample finally came so I have a lot of cross-stitch to do this weekend. I think I'll watch...
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As usual, trying to become better about plants. I'm often a neglectful, capricious gardener. Collecting inspiration these days. Maybe this year I'll do better. Hmmmm. I think I say that every year.
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A Stirring

No doubt about it, I have had a lazy winter. My very cells felt tired. I tried to let them rest. There were many mornings when it was so dark and cold at wake-up time (and to know us is...
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