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February 27, 2012


Kristy L.

I'm excited for you to have Martha visit!! Good friends are the best. I think you should have her recreate the twisted on the floor sewing machine pose and then post it so we can see it too.:)


That sandwich sounds so yummy! I'm going to have to try that. I love the idea of the cinnamon raisin bread too. We do the artisan bread in 5 minutes, so I'll add the cinnamon and raisins next time.


Ooo! Shut up I want some sandwich now! :)


Your bread looks fabulous! I'd love to try Dutch oven bread baking with my Le Creuset pot :) Beautiful inspirations all over around here.


Your bread looks wonderful. I've tried several artisan bread recipes, but I still do better with the traditional bread. My Granny made awesome raisin bread, and kolaches, and chicken noodle soup, and tapioca, and pickles and jellies. Well, she was just wonderful in the kitchen! Her kitchen was tiny, yet she cooked huge meals for the extended family frequently.


Sounds like my kinda day!


This bread looks amazing! Suddenly tomorrow looks like it's going to have to be a bread-baking kind of day. Thanks for the delicious inspiration.

Lisa G.

Too bad about the sontag (?) - it certainly looks beautiful.

I'm glad you're going to have a baby in the house for a while. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

I peeked here before wrapping-up my day, and I wanted to tell you: finding your post is a treat, like a goodnight story or a hug. There is something quite dear about *blog friends,* the familiar and inspiring people we meet in this new frontier. Sweet dreams.


Ditto, what Natalie the Chickenblogger said! I have been making your Dutch oven bread since you blogged about it. It's the best, easiest bread I've ever made!
Now, I'll have to try it with cinnamon and raisins and make that wonderful sandwich!

Sunny Simple Life

I always look so forward to your posts and gorgeous photos.

Teresa Kasner

I bet you have a friend that your shawl would fit perfectly. It's nice your floss is there! I bet Martha is going to love her guest room. I hope we get to see pix of the visit! Wasn't the sun today just glorious!? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oooohhhhhh, you are such a TEASE....tell us all these wonderful things and then make us wait to see the photos.
:) Can hardly wait...


Your giant lazy Kate looks wildly impressive - I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished sampler.

Melissa L.

Well, if it's any consolation....I love the Berocco Blackstone Tweed you used. You could always just frog it and make something else with it. Like a dog bed? Tee hee.


Very nice pics as always! :-)


the threads are beautiful. anxious, anxious.


love a mish mash day. i'm sorry about your bosom friend, it is so pretty. i like the color combination, i just made a sweater in similar shades. the crochet trim is a lovely touch. yay for your friend. beautiful cozy photos.


Glad it's all going well (apart from your bosom friend being too big, how disappointing. What will you do?) I love the tales of your days, full of simple joys, that is how life should be :O)I'm excited to see the room and the floss contraption, oh and how were the sandwiches??

Alice S

The guest room sounds so pretty. Please give us a tour when completed.



jessie heninger

If that's the bosom friend in the picture I love it! Maybe it just doesn't fit right? I've had plenty of things that looked good on the mannequin but hilarious on me. That's sort of discouraging. On the other hand your bread looks great, you invented a machine and your friend is coming!!!!


I do love the colors of your Bosom Friend - I adored your Tess. Eager to see photos of your completed guest room - sounds like a terrific color combination as well!


That dutch oven bread sounds good, I will try it. Great photo of the threads. And i am looking forward to seeing the finished guest room!


Bread looks wonderful! And that shawl looks beautiful - warm and cozy. Too bad it's too big!

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