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January 05, 2012



I love counted's my first love! I'm more scared of embroidery ;)


LOVE the sampler! I haven't done one in years. Hmmm...maybe another project to add to my list. Know what you mean about procrastinating but then being glad you finally did it. That is how I am with exercising :) Happy Day To You!


I really should organize the computer too, but I dread it a lot. I love your pics here, great mix! :-)

Laurie in Iowa

I'm not afraid of counted cross-stitch. I like your winterwoods alphabet sampler. I enjoy using good materials too.


Oh pleeeeze make that into a looks so awesome and wintery-woodsy!


Oh, it's so lovely! I was afraid of counted cross-stitch for ages. I bought a kit at Joann's maybe ten years ago that had awful directions and therefore thought it was impossible and boring to do, but your book converted me last year.

Natalie VV

Well, I am not afraid to look at yours and think "how pretty, how lovely, what talent, what patience..."

Love that you are up and at it, and now, with more resolve thanks to you, I must do the same!

whitney marie

So delighted you're going to release that sampler as a pattern. A couple weeks ago, I bought a piece of lavender 28-count linen because the color was just too pretty. Alphabet samplers are my favorite, but I have a hard time finding ones that I like. Yours looks like the perfect project for my lavender linen. (Although actually now I'm tempted to buy a kit if you decide to do them. I really enjoyed the Daisychain kit!)


Lovely sampler, why on earth would anyone be afraid of counted cross-stitch - has to be the easiest thing in the world to do!! Looking forward to the pattern or kit!! Lovely woodsy pictures yesterday!!


i'll admit that i'm afraid of counted cross-stitch...mostly afraid that i would mess up and then quit because that's what i normally do. i need to work on that bad attitude before i can tackle counted cross-stichery. :)


Who's afraid of counted cross stitch? I learned when I was 7 - it was one of my first crafts!


I love love love your kits and always buy them, but purlease not counted cross stitch!!! Gives me a fecking headache!!! Is that allowed on here? Happy New Year to you guys x x

Anna McG

Love love LOVE the sampler! Currently working on 'O' from your alphabet kit from the summer! Yes please to making another sampler kit with that gorgeous linen- do it!!!


From a completely selfish point of view - please can you do a kit! That way, it is highly probable that I will produce a sampler. Otherwise, I will buy the pattern and it will never happen. It does look lovely. Bx xxx

Shelly Blocker

Counted cross stitch was the first stitch I learned. It was at Girl Scout camp. I still have my little pineapple.

Lovely sampler! I will definitley add this one in.


It's worth it...the expensive linen and hand-dyed floss. In my late teens/early twenties I was doing nothing but cross-stitch. I should pick it up again—but only if you provide the kit. I love how this looks.


I am loving your Winterwood sampler. I love counted cross stitch. It is one of those lovely crafts that is mindless, but utterly inspiring because it pushes you to "finsh that row, finish that small part of it you are working on" - you get to really see the development quickly.

I cannot wait for this one!! I have TONS of cross stitch supplies... gees.... that is what happens when you are in car accidents and you have a lot of free time and you don't want to worry about losing your place due to drugs (... knitting ends up a little wonky under pain killers).

Christie, Describe Happy

Your sampler is so sweet... the little mushroom is my favorite. And yes, put me on the list of terrified of counted cross stitch.


Yeah! Another kit please!! I'm not finished with the other sampler but you make it so easy with your excellent instructions and top quality materials. I'd rather pay the little bit extra for the quality. There is nothing as frustrating as when you take the time to make a project and then pinch on cheap materials. Counted cross stitch is not my strong point but I'll try anything at least once.


I see Lady Violet helps you the way my Gracie helps me! :)
I am experiencing motivation, too, having set a record this week for completing a quilt. It went from the sewing-the-blocks together phase to finished in a matter of 5 days... usually there are years between those two points. (It's funny... I started it over the summer, and wouldn't you know! It's a log cabin quilt, which is the pattern you recently made! Creative minds think alike!)


Raising my hand. Back in the 90's, when I was nursing babies all day long, I had a cross-stitch project going at all times. Haven't done one in about two years or so, but I think it's time...


Neeeeeeed a pattern! I got one of those counted cross stitch iPhone cases but am paralysed with indecision about what motif to put on it. With a sampler pattern, I could take my pick and change them up as I pleased.


No, I don't like the sampler, I LOVE the sampler :-)!


I've heard people say cross stitch is too boring, and I couldn't disagree more! It's so soothing!!! And I too am probably more afraid of embroidery. I love the linen but have found that it is so much cheaper to just find and buy than to buy in a kit, so my first vote would be to just have the pattern. It's beautiful and I'm very interested in purchasing the pattern too! xo


Oh, you're inspiring! You make me want to organize and cross stitch and drink a cup of tea all at once! I've never done counted cross stitch (true confession: I've never HEARD of counted cross stitch! yikes!) but I looove yours and the rustic feel. Super fun.

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