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January 20, 2012




nicole i

i am so fond of waxflowers...i wore them in my hair on my wedding day. cozy up.


One of my favorite things about waxflowers is the scent of the water after they've been in a vase a few days. Smells like lemonade! Isn't that weird? Most vase water reeks, but not vase water from waxflowers.


I wore waxflowers in my hair for my wedding, too!

Natalie VV

Tension? The sewing machine, and maybe the needlework industry as well. I've never used elastic thread, but admire the results. I hope yours cooperates.
Your wax flowers, and frothy drink, the description of the weather, and all at home, waiting out the storm... it's nice. Stay safe. Enjoy. I hope you'll share the peasant blouse.


I SO want to do needlework. My Grandma taught me some basics about a year ago... I think I need to find a project to keep my attention so I'll work on it and get better in the process. And a tutorial?? Sign me up. :)


love the flowers -- haven't heard of them before. I ordered your pdf cross stitch pattern from your last kit and I am so upset with myself that I didn't just order the entire kit. Very reasonably priced and so much easier than to try to find all the nice supplies that you did. This time, I will definitely order the kit -- so much nicer and less decisions for me to make! Can't wait for them to be available! (PS I will use the patterns from the last kit though, promise!)




i love these sweet flowers...i bring a bunch home whenever my grocery florist has them in. xo enjoy your day xo i'm hibernating today...with the windchill it feels like -27...that's our high temp today :)


The flowers are so sweet. Our weather has finally calmed down a bit, but we are still covered in the beautiful white stuff. Have a blessed day, Tami


I think there are always issues getting things from Zwiegart. They seem to always be waiting on linen from their supplier to send to another linen company for them to do their hand dyed line. It is fascinating and frustrating isn't it? And just try to get the special vintage linen that is used a popular cross stitch design, once it's gone it's months before it's back in stock all back to the Zweigart and their supplier issues.

Cross stitch is my passion. #1 in my book so I completely understand your frustration.


Hi Alicia, hope you get those samples. I once ordered samples from that same company and they never arrived. I love Cashel and Belfast linen for cross-stitching. Nothing beats Splendor silk floss for luster and shine. I also love Gloriana silk floss, but it's very expensive. I splurge on Gloriana for certain projects. Gentle Art makes great floss too!


Your photos are amazing!


yep... it is weird weather here..... but worth it! we always have excuses for coffee, wool blankets and fireplaces! isnt it grand!


We've finally gotten a rainy day down here in Santa Clara, CA. I really missed the calm it brings.

Today is a wonderful day for sewing and tea! Hope you enjoy yours.


I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the kit! And the tutorial. A bright spot this winter, for sure. And my, waxflowers are so pretty!

vintage market place

ooo, your wild weather sounds awesome.
days of wrapping in blankets and a hot drink are missed around here.
Our wild weather yesterday was a few clouds rolling in late afternoon. It gave the appearance of winter for and hour.


I am an avid stitcher, and looking forward to seeing your new project. Since you live in the NW, I wonder if you have ever been to Victoria Sampler in Victoria, BC. I live in IL, but I definitely want to get there someday!!! I am currently working on my wedding sampler from one of their patterns (I got married 09/27/08!) I would like to get that finished this year :) Love your website and your photos give me such a calm, warm feeling. Keep up the great work!!


Finally snowing outside today after a near snowless year which is very odd. Our cat loves to watch the flakes drift by.

I've ordered linen from here Don't know if they would have anything better than what you have sourced. I did get some with nice big slubs to make curtains - probably not so great for cross stitch.

Ellyn Z

I have not had good luck with elastic thread either I'm afraid....

Jennifer in KS

First thought about upper thread breaking is tension. Second thought about elastic thread shredding is how tightly did you wind the bobbin? It should be very relaxed.( You probably know that ). Just thinking "out loud"... hope you have success!

Kathie N

Thought about you all week and your love of snow. I'm up in Seattle and we have just been pounded by the fluffy white stuff. I specifically live in the Ballard neighborhood and we were the last to get snow, so I whined and waited. And at last it came. I wish you wonderful winter wonderland as well. :)

Lisa G.

I heard yesterday that things were crazy out your way, weatherwise. Just an opportunity for more coziness!


Alicia, all this talk of needlework (and your gorgeous kits from previous projects) make me want to take up a new hobby! I'm in love with the idea of sitting in front of the fire and stitching away a rainy, northwest day...well, right now it's a snowy, icy, northwest day here...sheesh, this weather!


Beautiful photos as always--I particularly love the one of the waxflowers. I will have to find out more about them:)
Stay warm; stay dry.

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