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For Five Minutes, It Was Glorious

All of a sudden, snow began pouring down yesterday afternoon. I became extremely excited and started rushing around. I scurried and got my fire going perfectly. I raced upstairs and put on my long-johns. I herded my animals onto the...
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Just Us Girls

They say it may SNOW. Andy's working all weekend, so it's just us girls here. Watching the sky. Holding down the fort.
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January, linger.

Back in the swing, but it's a slow swing. I have been thinking about January a lot. Or, rather, thinking about whether it is actually possible to hibernate in winter, the way animals do. My animals become cold-honey slow in...
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Getting Back in the Swing

Nice and cold today. Makes me happy. I'd like some snow, please. Perhaps everyone would. Or not? I am routinely surprised by how many people don't like snow. Like, really don't like it. I never seem to stop missing it,...
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Birthday Delight

Oh, what a nice birthday weekend I had. French pastries for breakfast, a woods-walk, pretty flowers, macaroni and cheese at Jake's Grill, a waxing moon-rise from the front yard, a glowing cakelet for dessert, a wish, a movie under quilts,...
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Very, very excited about all of the sampler enthusiasm — thank you so much! I am thrilled. We will talk! It's my birthday tomorrow, so I made myself a wee little birthday cake. And took a big huge picture of...
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Up and At It

I spent yesterday sort of organizing my computer and my bookkeeping stuff. I always dread it so much, but then when I sit down to actually do it I get all ambitious, organizationally speaking: This is fine! Why don't I...
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We went for a walk in the woods last week. Magical place. I love it so much.
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New Year

Good, really good days. Andy had all three days of this long weekend off, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and yesterday. I can't remember a lazier, cozier, nicer, more pajama-clad time ever. It was like being in a blanket...
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