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January 03, 2012



Good luch with all the stuff you need to get done - that bread and soup looks really delicous! :-)


Oh, this sounds so nice! The soup and bread are making my mouth water!!!!

May you and yours have a wonderful 2012.


Pajama-clad time is the best. :) Happy New Year!


I saw that film and I'm excited to try it. If you were a pal you'd share the recipe you used because that film one did seem more than I wanted it to be. : )

Love that moon shot. Hard to think we had those gorgeous clear skies since its been raining so much. I totally was spoiled by our Fall weather. Loved it!!!


Lovely pictures and enticing food! Enjoy your well deserved lazytime! You know that busy times will be just around the corner. All the best to the Paulsons in the New Year.

Natalie VV

Mmmmm... bread, and pajamas, and soup, and moon beams. No, this could not possibly ever get boring. Could we perhaps have three seasons: fall leaves, winter break, and summer picnics? But mostly winter break.


Sometimes it's good to slow down and just let things....happen. As and when. Eat when you're hungry. Sleep when you're tired. Happy new year guys x


That bread looks AMAZING! I need to try bread making this year!

Happy 2012, Alicia!


Sounds just lovely. I hit the ground running today cleaning up the studio. Just took a break from the chaos to say hello here. Take good care. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


"Lazytimes" ~ that might be my new favorite word! I think I'll try to figure out some kind of New Year's resolution involving lazytimes!


Can't wait to try out the recipes this weekend! It officially feels like winter here in Michigan yesterday and today, even if it gets warmer this weekend we've had cold and blustery--bring on the comfort food!


We're big no-knead fans too. I have a friend who also uses this bread as an art is her video


Here at my home is Oz it's predicted to be a heatwave, I'll close up the house early, do most of my chores and I plan to settle down and make some bright new pants for the new year. On your recommendation I'm going to try the dutch oven bread.

Tallulah Maggs

MmMmm seafood chowder and home baked bread, looks AMAZING. Happy New Year to you XxX


I wish they had a t-shirt that said "I heart bread" or "I heart carbs." I would have to wear it. Oh, how I love bread. And soup. And the woman in the moon. And cozy winter days.
Happy New Year!
xo, Cheryl

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

that looks very similar to the no-knead bread recipe we use around here, from Mother Earth News. Yum, YUM and yes, so very easy and close to foolproof, I think. We play around with ratios of whole wheat and regular unbleached flour and it seems to come out great with almost any combination of the two.

think I'll be making some chowder soon~


Geeminie! Now I am hungry! Looks wonderful!

Ruth B

I hate to cook. Try to avoid it as much as possible. But after seeing these pictures and checking out the bread recipe, I know I can make this. Thank you!

Julie G. in Iowa

Happy New Year!

Your Dutch oven bread looks delish! I'm now drooling over my keyboard as I've made a resolution to eat fewer carbs - and this is way too tempting. Must. Look. Away.

I thought your previous post was so lovely and beautiful.
Thank you for, well... you! Your little piece of the world I visit here everyday is just so wonderful. Thank you for that.

Anita K

Your posts are wonderful, can't wait to see what you have done next, must be just heavenly to be an animal in your house, they always look so content, and bet the smells are heavenly. I'm gonna try me some of that bread, never dreamed to cook it in a dutch oven, thanks for the recipe.

Clarissa Henderson

Glad you two had some time together. I had a similar New Year's experience. I too, quickly got my chores done this morning and have been lazing and quilting around ever since. Happy New Year!!!



Lucy V

You inspire me everyday! (bread looks AMAZING)I visit your blog everyday because it uplifts me. Thank you for that. You have inspired me to find a way to uplift others on a daily basis. You rock!


YUM! Please send over some of that lovely meal via pneumatic tube or something...


That is one BEAUTIFUL loaf of bread!

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