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Goodbye, January.

Having a friend over for dinner tonight myself. I always set the table and make my dessert first thing in the morning, or the night before. Those are my favorite parts so I like to take my time with them....
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Pasta Man

Andy made fresh pasta and tossed it with some sauteed arugula, a bit of cream, and a dusting of Parmesan for Sunday dinner. So excellent. We only get to eat dinner together about half the week. We've been trying to...
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In the Woods

A night, a morning, a day, a night, and a morning at a little cabin in the woods.
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Winter Spring

Thank you for all the nice house tour comments! You guys are all so sweet. So sweet. Thank you. I guess our house has changed quite a bit since we started redoing things last year. Redoing the windows and then...
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A Little House Tour

Photo by Julie Smith My sweet sissy did a little house tour and interview with Andy and me the other day for a home design web site she is working with called Houzz. I loved the questions (and I love...
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Counted Cross Stitch, Part 1

Cross stitch is easy. It's just two little stitches crossed over each other. See that? Counted cross stitch is not worked onto fabric that has been pre-printed. Counted cross stitch uses special fabrics that are called evenweave fabrics. These fabrics...
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The weekends always go too fast. I love the feeling of . . . lowered expectations. Something like that. It's early Monday morning here now. Crows calling outside. The heat blowing through the register. The sky turning bright gray. My...
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On Saturday

I sewed. He made beeswax candles and bread for me. I love him.
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These are called waxflowers.

Very dramatic weather in the Great Pacific Northwest these past couple of days! Raining cats and dogs here in town most of the day yesterday. Right now it's calm, but I don't think the drama is finished yet. Andy has...
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White Night

It snowed for a few minutes yesterday morning, but for the rest of the day it was cold and dry. I kind of wanted to go somewhere, but they kept warning that worse weather was on its way. So I...
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