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January 31, 2012



Everything looks just flawless! Can't wait to see your Spring mantle. I love seeing your mantle at all times of the year. Thank you for posting all the sources, too. Anthropologie really has some gorgeous stuff. I go crazy with their images on my Pinterest. Meanwhile, bring on February, the stepping stone month to Spring!


I want a little sign that says "If you please, I don't mend" for all the hem-needers. Or "Yes, this is my sewing machine. No, I won't hem your pants."


What's for dessert??? Beautiful spread. Have a fabulous dinner for two!

Marian Griffin

Beautiful plates!! And I think that's a wonderful idea to set the table and make desert in the morning, what a great start to the day too! I love the napkins you have also, o charming! Happy dining!


gorgeous, I love how warm and cozy your photos are!


Hey Alicia,
What kind of cake it that? Such a beautiful mold.

Did you request a Seed Savers catalog?

Ciao Bella,


Everything looks so pretty, and I'm hint-hinting around for a set of those plates for myself. Your blog is always so inspiring!

sharon from farm and fru fru

lovely lovely photos and those plates! oh my, and don't they have an apt name?! yummy things to come and i, like the rest, wait breathlessly for the mantle pics.

Angie R

It has been somewhat warm and springlike here, which is unusual for this area of BC. I'm afraid to be hopeful because I figure we'll be smacked down with some -21c weather for sure then :P


Ugh I know what you mean about the alterations thing (I sew too), but try being an ex-hairdresser!!!!!

My daffodils have NEVER bloomed in Jan. before, but they have this year~WAAAYYYYY too early!


I always drool over your table settings. So so lovely. I'm enamored with those new plates. I always loved traveling that way in late winter because spring does come so early. I lived in Eugene from February through May one year, and the weather was fabulous (even including the many rainy days.) We've had mid 40s in temps here (eastern Oregon/Idaho border) and it's got my spring fever raging. If it could just stay like this through the tail end of winter, I'd be just fine with it.

vintage market place

Its a beautiful table and your friends are lucky to have you as a hostess.
OOOOOMG, you are so freakin' right about the alterations!
As soon as a make a friend and they learn I have a sewing studio, the piles of pants are brought over, sigh...I am keeping the sewing part a secret from now on ;)
Enjoy your decorating for the Spring to come. It starts....well it really never ends here. ;(


I love your dishes. They are so beautiful. I also always make dessert before I start other parts of the meal. I guess I like to know that something sweet is in store.


I'm feeling the same way! Mr. Winter is not nearly over here though, it can still snow even in April. I have started to bring out the spring colors and bed linens in hope that spring will come early.


Daffodils? Are you kidding me? It's been snow-snow-snowing here today. Husband is taking the six-year-old skiing after school at our little local family-friendly ski mountain and I can't even fathom seed catalogs yet.

Dessert looks great.


Love those dishes - hope you had a great time! :-)

Melissa Crowe

The pants hemming comment made me laugh out loud. So true!


Lovely table, as always. I especially like that you incorporate live plants into your tablescapes.

Linda in Waterloo

Those are some fine looking plates you've got there! Dreamy!- like the rest of the scene.


I love your table. You always have such a romantic setting! But let me tell you, its all about the cake...oh my you need to give us the recipe! What a cake! My biggest downfall.

Thanks for the post,made my day.


Only in Louisiana!

Cozy little dinner scene...I have been inspired to keep my table set and have done so all of January....I love it and don't know why it took me so long to do so. As soon as breakfast is over, I reset it for dinner and it is so nice to have that done! I get to look at it all day too!


Lovely plates, and a very nice cake - could you please post the recipe sometime?

Eliz. K

That cake looks amazing! I was going to ask for the recipe too :-)

I love all your photographs, as usual! Very lovely!!! And yes, to Spring fever too-- I raided the library for gardening books last week :-)

Susan M.

I so relate...I'd rather start from scratch on a dress than mend a seam or replace a button. Drives my husband crazy. But, it does induce him to repair his own clothes and make his own alterations...See, I'm not so dumb. :)~


Oh, Alicia! Your table is so beautiful. How I'd love to put my feet beneath it!

I love those dishes and you are a lucky girl to have such lovely in-laws. I keep looking at them on-line.

The cake! Last Saturday my best friend came over for dinner and I wasn't really ready for it. I wasn't sure if she was going to stay and I just didn't take the time. Looking at this table makes me realize that I need a do over, and soon!

Tailoring and slipcovering is NOT sewing. It's something else.....

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