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December 30, 2011


Judith Norman

Happy New Year, Paulson Family. May 2012 bring you happiness, good health and prosperity.
P.S. Thanks for the Clover/Bee photos. :-}

Anna Corrigan

Beautiful Post....I hope 2012 brings you peace.


This is my favorite thing I've ever read on your blog. I wish you so much happiness in the new year.


I love your resolutions so much I might just use them too.


you do know that you make and take a little bit of all the places & spaces above in this blog? that's why we visit you. happy new year to the paulsons, love and peace to you.


You really are so ahead of most of us.....may your most precious wishes come true to year.....every one of them.

[email protected]


So, so beautifully expressed. I love how you make an adventure out of your cozy, domestic life, much as my favorite British writers do. I'm seeing a book in the future, not of handwork projects but of your memoirs and prose, etc. A very happy and productive New Year to you both (pets too!).

Mary Ann

I am speechless, you are always so genuine. Thank you. I hope you and Andy and the sweet pets in your home find both peace and joy in 2012.

Amy Bee

Happy new year! You do express yourself so well. Thank you for sharing your year of beauty. I, too, have a long list of wishes for my new year though I try to make only one resolution to follow through on. I succeeded this past year in taking more photos of my family (not good ones, mind, but documentation nonetheless.) This coming year? To go out with friends at least twice a month. Wish me luck (and perseverance.)


what a beautiful prayer for the new year. Happy new year to you both.
John 16 v33
John 14 v27 with love Lesley xxx


Oh sweet woman. You are an instrument. A beautiful instrument of peace. I hope that you ease into this beautiful new year and find the inner peace and the courage that comes from it that you're looking for. You are not alone in your seeking.


I just want to surround you with so many hugs. I'm new to your blog after following Dooce's link over to read about what happened with Maisy, and every time I think of it I burst into tears, so I CANNOT--can. not.--imagine how you feel and how you are getting through each day. I think you are so incredibly strong and I can just sense this incredible stability and strength and centeredness in your posts, even as you feel like muslin in the wind. I am the praying type, and I pray for you daily, and just really want to let you know how amazing I think you (and your husband) are.


What a beautiful wish! Happy New Year!

(my brother lives in Portland [also a nurse] calling him now to discuss the wolf-situation)


So beautifully said...thank you and Happy New Year


I don't think you realize how much you've given to so many people, especially recently, by sharing your story and your feelings here. Happy New Year to you! The promise of a new year. Go boldly into it!

Alice C

If you want those things for yourself I want them for you too but it seems to me that you already give so much love and friendship. And when your shoulders ride high remember that so many people come here to this safe place that you have created with a generous and warm heart and are thankful for your sincere and peaceful voice.


To be more brave? Please re-read your posts from this past year. You are one of the bravest women I know.


i just read this out loud to my 17 year old...i know she was listening. wise words alicia...sending love your way, as always. thanks so much for your little visit this morning. you sure did put a smile on my face...friend. xoxo


Beautiful words and thoughts from your heart. I hope our grandkids feel that way about our home, that it is a safe haven. Very sweet, Alicia! Although, Grandpa Richard does let the clock chime and play music during the nighttime. So far, no complaints. Richard grew up with his grandpa doing the same thing, so I think he loves clocks and likes to hear the cuckoo chime because it is a comfort to him. He spent a lot of time at his grandparents house! Our granddaughter Sophie stops to dance to the beat of the cuckoo clock is pretty comical! :)

What a wonderful wish for the New Year. This world would be a nicer place if all of us would try and make a resolution to do just that! :)

Blessings to you and your family for a New Year filled with much love & joy!



I wish you peace.

Happy New Year.



Your blog is where I come to find peace in my life. I look at the pictures and imagine simply plopping myself down into one of them ... usually with the pupper. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your life with us. As always, I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I have a feeling that 2012 will be very good to you.


There are few words I read that give me more than yours do Alicia. I hope that the new year brings good things back to you.


How I love to read your words. I'm ever thankful for them. Happy, happy new year to yall...


Let's hold onto our visions of our better selves throughout 2012. Best wishes for serenity and fulfilling abundance in the new year!


I so love your New Year's resolutions and want to make them my own. So often I let the "tide take me" and in 2012 I resolve to lead it myself. Thank you, Alicia, for always being so honest and true. You make me a better person.

Lots of love, Kathy

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