Quiet Moments

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I do love my new little prairie-girl quilt. I take it everywhere I go (when an animal isn't already on it, and then when I get all settled they get right back on it/me). It is lined with wool, which is poufy and warm and snuggly wonderful. I always wash and dry my quilts before I use them because I don't like them flat and formal; I like them wrinkled and crinkled and soft. I've also decided to go back to tying on all my future quilts. This is how I used to do them before I knew there was any other way to do them. I've done them all sorts of ways since, and this is my favorite. Makes it feel most like an eiderdown.


Oh, and don't I feel foolish for making fun of Quiet Moments! Yes. Quiet moments are quite nice. :-)


Lovely quilt, great job!

Lovely photos of your gorgeous quilt, how I envy you having such loveliness to snuggle into these cold nights :D

I didn't realize how much I wanted a quilt for my bed until I saw this post! Very peaceful.

A beautiful and cozy quilt there. Love the colors you used.

You do make the very nicest kind of quilts. I have yet to make one myself but I much prefer a more casual mix of fabric and not too complex shapes. I like quilts that go back to their roots, when they were a way of using scraps and making something warm and wonderful. I like the magic that is involved in putting one together; there seems a certain alchemy involved.

I love simple squares the most, although I do love applique quilts but not the really complex pieced shapes - they detract somehow. I am very fond of the quilts you make but I wasn't sure I would like the log cabin effect. Oh but I do! I simply love it!

I haven't made my first quilt yet but I am gathering scraps and I'm probably about half way there and am very excited to think I may one day have a quilt of my own. Yours are very inspiring and I love the colours and textures in this. It's really beautiful and you have taken such lovely photos of it. Please do a quilt book!

Ooh that quilt looks so snuggly and cosy and wonderful!

Perhaps "quiet moments at Mount Saint Anne's Prairie Finishing School"

Happy Santa Lucia day! That quilt looks so tempting to huddle under and not leave the house!

Although there are no little fur-faces flopped on that quilt....I think I can feel them poised just off-camera for that big leap into quilt heaven.

How beautiful and cozy! I love a good tied quilt - much more lofty and fluffy than some that have been stitched to death on the machine. What do you tie your quilts with?

It came out beautifully Alicia!!! And the fact that you started and finished a quilt within two weeks totally blows me away!!

Your quilt is lovely. And I enjoy your quiet moments, even (especially) since I usually look at them while in the midst of a cacophony of noise :)

This is my favorite quilt (and a Top 5 favorite creation) of yours! Saving this post for future reference... :) Enjoy your snuggles

It turned out realy wonderful. I made a tiny summerquilt for my baby without stuffing and that one I tied (my first one ever actually! but it was only two whole fabrics, a play with knots in different colours and then binding, no stuffing) Now a larger patchwork quilt has been in the making for a looong time and I feel now that winter's arrived it's really time to get it finished. I've been thinking a lot about quilting and not being sure about anything, espescially since I'm doing it all by hand.

I feel that the knots I made on the tiny, thin quilt are kind of loosing up here and there and I'm not sure at all I really made it "right". Could you please do a post about tying knots and all how-to tips you've got? Where to place them and what to tie with and such. I would really, really appreciate if you would. Maybe tying even this one is the right thing to do. Does the fabric tear and break around the knots with intensive use?

Oh, Alicia, you just have a way with...everything! Quiet Moments looks enchanting. I, too, am probably too concerned with the names of colors. I had to suck it up and go with Shaker Beige, which would have been so much more acceptable to me if it had been called Shaker Basket. Alas, it looks great, and so does your Quiet Moments!

Lovely! I'm not normally the type to find quilts beautiful, but this one is. The colors and design is perfect.

It came out very lovely! I have just gotten into sewing - have been making a tree skirt this evening - and it is so nice to get inspiration from your pictures. Beautiful!

Merry, Merry Christmas!! Lovely, lovely quilt!!!

I know you've gotten hundreds and hundreds of comments to this effect, but I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and Andy lots this past month. I can't think of any other way to put it but that I am holding you in my heart. Not that that's particularly maudlin or anything! I haven't made a quilt in 8 yrs but you've inspiring me to put one on my 'to-do' list for 2012. In about a year's time, I'll let you know if it makes in onto the 'got done' list.

Beautiful quilt. I think this is your best! Great artists are known to do some of their best when they are knee deep in sorrow and pain. I think of you every day. I hope you can sometime give us an update on baby and young mother. I ask your prayer for my Chicago family. My son in law lost his job last Friday from one of the large companies in Chicago. Heartbreaking to say the least.

Deborah Hall says: December 13, 2011 at 05:00 PM

Thank you for sharing the story of the Prairie Quilt as I looked forward to each new development. I'm inspired to cut up my stash and get started. Charming!

Woohoo!!! You got your pegboard up, and looking amazing with the VERY gorgeous quilt. I love the gingham curtains with the quilt. OH, MY!!!! SOOOO COZY!!!! I love your snowflakes too!! Very sweet home, Alicia...:)

Enjoy the beautiful Season!


LOVE, love this quilt. It looks so soft and cozy! I recently found your blog and have been catching up on all of your older entries - I have to tell you that your posts are so refreshing to read! You inspire me to execute all of the designs I've been dreaming about! You posted a quote in one entry, something along the lines of the best quilts being fast and fun. That struck a chord with me - both my Grandmother and Mother are talented quilters of beautiful, intricate designs and patterns. I always followed their paths but would start and then quickly stop the quilts I was working on because I stopped having fun. After reading, I realize that quilting does not always have to be so "strict." Long story short (this isn't really a short comment, though) I have pulled out a quilt I started for my husband EIGHT YEARS AGO and am finishing it with my own variations and having a blast! Thank you for your constant inspiration.

You may have addressed this in the past, but what is your method for tying quilts? I have only ever tied one and wasn't thrilled with the results.


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