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December 13, 2011


Karen  Bettencourt

The quilt looks great, tying it was the perfect choice. It looks all warm and snuggley. I know the animals must love it, with or without you tucked inside. Bless you and keep you and Andy well.

sharon from farm and fru fru

well said you. i don't say it often enough but you do indeed paint with words. and that quilt....oh my goodness i am inspired....lazy, but inspired.


Oh jeez, now I have to make a quilt. I'm always so irresistibly inspired by whatever you're making, and that is the snuggliest thing I've seen in a long time! And yes, my mind harked back to your paint post. Nothing wrong with a quiet moment, nothing at all. :)

Teresa Kasner

There is nothing more homey than a fresh clean pouffy handmade quilt. Love the images. Can you believe all the sun we're having? I put a photo of the sun reflecting off the Sandy River on my blog yesterday. I hope you enjoy the sunshine today!
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Log Cabin

Hello Alicia,
I've been following your story and wanted to say how sorry I was. I read what happened with tears streaming down my face. Please don't give up hope, there is a little one out there for you somewhere. Am thinking of you and Andy. On another note, that quilt is absolutely beautiful. Now I have another thing on my list to make!
Love and hugs,
Emma xx xx xx


I've never tried tying a quilt - just machine quilting it! Tying is probably more my style these days! I assume you just knot on the front side?

Steph @woolythyme

That is the most snuggly thing I've seen in a long time!!! (I'm a knitter/crocheter--and you just don't get that kind of snuggly with afghans!!!) Tying might get me back to snuggly making!!! :)


My Mamaw tied all her big bed quilts. She would hand quilt baby quilts but if it was for the bed she tied it. She said they'd be cold all winter if they waited on her to handquilt bed quilt. LOL.

Thank you for showing just how pretty a tied quilt can be. I can't tell you how much I love that you had a quilt from start to finish in a week or less. I've got a quilt top waiting on me to do something with it and just get it on the bed, thanks for giving me permission to tie it already!


The quilt does look snuggly, and I want to try making a queen size one now with wool batting and tying instead of 'quilting' by machine. I have six months to get it organised as we've just entered summer here. Thanks for your inspiring craft work once again. You make things so beautifully!


I love how your quilt turned out. The tying makes it look very old fashioned. What do you use to tie it with?


Love this room and that quilt! Looks so inviting.


I just adore your photos..Quilt came out wonderfully. I also love tied quilts there is just something about them and the process of tying them. Your latest quilt so reminds me of house of the prarie for some reason.

Susie Sears Taylor

"Little prairie girl". A sweet quilt named for a sweet girl. Even more good things/people headed your way this new year I just know it. Someone said "you are lucky if you have one good friend". I have really beat that quota with all my good friends and you and Andy have so many friends too on and off the internet. We are so rich and blessed time and time again.


I think next time I make a quilt I will try tying it, quilting always seems to dely the process for me by...oh, several months!


All this tying talk! Are you just referring to tying the little knots back to front? Is that what keeps the stuffing in place???
Quilt class PLEASE!
lovely work as usual :)


Looks like a fantastic place to snuggle. I hope it wraps you both in some comfort. Thank you for the batting link. Off to find a good local source.


That's the kind of quilt that makes me want to learn to make one. A goal for 2012. Happy St. Lucia day.

Brandy M.

I just adore that quilt... I didn't think I liked "tying," but it looks amazing & "old fashioned" on this quilt! Love it.


Your bed looks so comfy! Love the string of lights hanging and the snow mobile! Hope your holidays are warm and cozy just like your home!


Looks so cosy and homely, could just dive into the bed, snuggle up and float off to dreamland.
Carol xx


So lovely and cozy looking! I am very intrigued by the wool batting - did you like using it? Do you like it in your quilt? It seems wonderful!


I love your new quilt! The colors are perfect. You've almost inspired me to start quilting.

jo egan-small

oh, how i yearn to have a quilt just like that! due to lack of skill and fear of the sewingmachine i guess that will be a pleasure i´ll always just dream of. i do enjoy looking at yours though, especially with one of the kitters or clover on top of it! almost makes ME purr, xo, jo



Mary Beth from bibliophyte

Beautiful! I just loves the colors and how cozy and snuggly it looks. No wonder you can't keep the little furbabies off of it :)

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