Logs Around a Hearth

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Logs around a hearth. I haven't stacked them right. I think you're supposed to do them in some kind of order. I always forget. I think I might use wool batting instead of cotton. More on that later. I've got some Liberty lawn in these squares. Probably a mistake to use different fabric weights (I've done that before; the lighter weights ripped to shreds, eventually) but they're so pretty I couldn't help it.

A few answers about: the snowflake mobile (Pottery Barn Kids), the tree topper (from this couple at the craft fair at Mt. Angel Oktoberfest), the plant on the dining room table (anyone know? I really don't), the gray scarf (it's my Aestlight, here).

I cannot believe all of this sunshine we've been having here in northwestern Oregon in late November/early December (eeek, it's early December). It's absolutely wonderful. Normally the sky is gray as a mouse. Today (and yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and . . .) it's blue as a jewel. As my Grandpa Lucie (his last name was Lucie) would say, "Beautiful, beautiful."

I have been eating five or six clementines a day. Is that normal?


Love the quilt! Normal - sure! Just think about all that vitamin C! And that wonderful little spritz and aroma you get when you first open the peel! Downright addicting.

I love Libertys! This will be a sweet cozy quilt. Definitely eating as many clemetines as possible when you have them is normal =-)

Alicia - you truly are a beautiful person. As for the clementines it is really hard to eat just one or two or three!

Beautiful beautiful indeed.

Are your fingers stained orange yet? You're probably safe till that happens.

What a lovely quilt! Clementines... yes, normal; I can go through a dozen a day when they're good. How lovely it is to have blue skies in the winter.

Grey and a mouse. Blue as a jewel. Lovely.

Love those truly-scrappy log blocks!!!
And clementines... Hey, if they're good for ya, why not? :)
At least they're not a Snickers... haha!

I know (and love) it as an angel vine, but apparently it goes by many names: Muehlenbeckia complexa, commonly known as maidenhair vine, creeping wire vine, lacy wire vine, angel vine, mattress vine, mattress wire weed, necklace vine, and wire vine, is an ornamental plant in the Polygonaceae family, which is native to New Zealand. [Wikipedia]

Whosyergurl says: December 01, 2011 at 11:00 AM

YAY for sunshine! Your quilt squares look so neat and tidy. I don't think it will hurt to eat those Clementines! I have two on my desk as I write this to you!
xo, Cheryl

You're right, fabric weights be damned in a case like this!

I'm pleased Nancy Jo knew the name of the plant because it looked so familiar but I couldn't place it until I saw the Latin name and realised I have it growing in the natives section of my garden (I'm in NZ). I didn't realise you could have it as a pot plant!

A post from you is always a bright spot in the day, Alicia. Keep it up <3

Mmmm...clementines...normal? Um, Yes!! :)

I love those cool, crisp, clear mornings in the winter. It seems those are the days where we have more birds than ever in the backyard and the cat spends all day by the window 'watching'.

Oh, like the colors of that quilt...it already looks warm and cozy. Ever used flannel for backing?

Beautiful quilt and I hope you go for the wool batting.

Citrus fruit ... my friend ate it like crazy when she was PREGNANT. :-O

Nancy McKenna says: December 01, 2011 at 11:19 AM

My Grandpa always used to say his favorite color was skybluepink. And yes clementines are a dose of sunshine.

I'm on the Oregon Coast and it has been beautiful down here too... makes me wish I had a dog to walk or something!

When I worked in a little flower shop in high school we sold a lot of those. The owner called them button ferns.

I'm surprised we have sunshine and in abundance this time of year too. Right there with you on the Clemintines...I probably have 4 or 5 a day.

The sun has to be there for you! I´m so glad it is. (And we have a lot of sun here, too, in Germany, and that is so heartwarming.) I haven´t bought any clementines yet - waaah. First thing tomorrow! I think it´s the smell of them when you peel them - childhood memories and christmas sparkle.

Your blog always always makes me smile.. makes me want to slow down and enjoy these days. Thank you for being you.

I've been eating 5-6 clementines a day too! They are soo good!

Definitely yes on the clementines--in fact I crave them at this time of the year!
You are SO talented Alicia--I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you have posted. Been thinking of you both...

What a pretty quilt!!! And I don't think I've ever seen a Clementine before... Is it a fruit? If so, normal!

My 16 yr old son squealed when he walked in after school and saw Clementines on the table. We eat them til we are sick, til we have sores in our mouths! You would think being in Florida, citrus fruits would get old but we love Clementine season.

I love your quilt blocks and I do believe our quilting foremothers probably didn't worry too much about different fabric weights. They used what they had on hand and what was pretty and sometimes I think we get too matchy matchy with our quilts refusing to mix fabric lines or not wanting to mix old clothes that have been cut up with "real" quilting fabric. I am all about the scrappy quilt. I love seeing quilts made with a mix of this or that fabric.

Oh, that quilt already looks cozy. Wool batting is marvelous - the resulting quilts are always warm and a tad puffy and a little softer than others. They're the best for snuggling.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Ohh! It's looking good Alicia. I wouldn't worry about the different weights on fabric. I've mixed some really different stuff and by the time it's all pieced,quilted or tied, it won't matter. Are you sticking with the blind approach to the logs? You're braver than I am. I can't wait to see the finished product. The wool batting should work just fine.

Beautiful sun!!! Send a little north (I'm in Seattle) although it's trying to peek out today. Love the sunset photo from your last post. I've been thinking of you and Andy often these last few days after I read your post about the adoption. My heart just breaks for you!! Tears are coming now. I am praying so hard for peace, comfort and a baby for you!!! Can't wait for your dreams to come true. Thinking of you....... Tonya PS: Thanks for posting during this really hard time!

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