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Lovely, dark fog this morning in the yard. Frost on the rooftops, on the dried leaves in the yard and the grass. I can hardly see the tree just down the street; it's muffled in its cloud, and I like it. I'm in a nightgown and kneesocks, thinking we should go outside before it lifts off. But I have candles here, and the corgi has already gone upstairs and back to bed and Andy. It's still early. I like the quiet. I have a sore throat.

Lovely, warm weekend: candlelight dinner for two (and a game of Farkle, which is really fun), Saturday morning farmer's market and a bouquet made just for me, Sara Pajunen from the band Kaivama at Scan Fair, working on my quilt until I messed up all the vertical sashing (made every little strip 1/4" too long, which added up to . . . way too long). The minute it got dark I climbed into bed (= flannel sheets), watched A Princess for Christmas, had some more hot chocolate (I have a problem), and worked on my scarf. Which I also messed up, but which is also almost done.


How did the sashing get messed up? I've never made a quilt like that but I'm tempted.

Cabbages! The most beautiful thing on a December day.

a good weekend. the quilt is lovely. it looks awesome here with the light coming through. makes it look like you outlined every little log in a dark fabric. wow. that would be a ton of work. i don't think it's what you did this time, but maybe a future quilt? are those big glasses of milk and hot chocolate at the table. you guys are cute.

Oh, this is such a beautiful post. Lovely, lovely!

just beautiful.. you have a gift of surrounding yourself with gratitude, beauty, and bliss...

Kathy McDonald says: December 05, 2011 at 09:26 AM

Good morning, sweet Alicia! Thank you for the lovely post. My day is off to a wonderful start, thanks to you.

Take care of your sore throat and don't forget your hot water bottle. Thank you for sharing the name of your Christmas movie. Beautiful photos and gorgeous quilt.

wow... your weekend and my weekend seem a bit similar.... Scan Fair, messed up on a sewing project, as well as knitting while watching A Princess for Christmas.... the difference is I had cider, a wool blanket instead of flannel sheets.... and I have already been outside... and froze my BUTT OFF! Happy Monday to you!!!!

Cozy. And all that lovely produce! How I miss the PNW.

Alicia, what I absolutely love about reading your blog (and about you, I guess!) is that you truly LIVE in your life and know what is beautiful and wonderful and warm and great about it. Every time I read a post by you I am reminded to look around me and appreciate what I have and what is cozy and good (and if it isn't quite, make it so!) I know things are different this week than you (we all) hoped they would be, but that doesn't stop you from seeing what IS right about your life. You really and truly inspire me and I wanted to thank you for that.

Those ornamental cabbages are like winter roses. They broke my heart, so beautiful.

I'm loving your creativity. There's no such thing as "messing up" when your making it up as you go, you's all in some kind of beautiful divine plan, up there, out there, in us.

I went to a Scandinavian Christmas Fair this weekend. I was looking at your pictures and I was thinking to myself that looks like the Scandinavian Christmas and then I saw you went to Scan Fair. The Scandinavian Christmas Fair I went to was awesome. I had the most amazing dish, I highly recommend it. It was gravlax. Oh, man was it good.

I see nothing wrong. I see beautiful stuff. Beauty just follows you around doesn't it?...xo

Something must be in the air, I have a sore throat too :(
Hope we feel better soon.

Since you are addicted, is there a particular brand/flavor of hot chocolate that you would recommend?

Beth in Maryland says: December 05, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Ha! amongst all the beautiful plant material, you threw in some pastry. The whole post is a treat. Thanks.

What is the plant in the pic between thr brussels sprouts and Andy holding the bouquet? That's a new one to me!

Thank your for sharing. Beautiful ; )

Alicia your quilt is gorgeous. We had fog last night and I watched it come in. The trees looked even more lacy against the fog. Bonus: I saw a baby owl...twice! I think he's hunting bunnies in our backyard but my pugs scared him off.

I just discovered your blog through and after reading you heartbreaking story(I am so sorry) I explored a little and I love your site. Your X-mas decorations are wonderful! And the Zoo pictures are breathtaking. I look forward to more!

Beautiful weekend, Alicia. And thank you for sharing the link to Kaivama. I'm going to show it to Izzy...I love for her to hear the spectrum of sounds a violin can make. I just posted a clip of her playing the ukelele...come visit if you have a moment. xo

I love the photos of winter veggies... so beautiful!

I've just been given a container of Haigh's hot chocolate as an early Xmas present and it is so good...wonder how long mine will last? Love the ornamental kale in your bouquet.

I can't believe how lucky you west-coasters are. It's so gray and cold here, and the farmer's market does NOT have those beautiful things (in fact, it's moved indoors for the next 5 months of winter). Lucky you!

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