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December 27, 2011



Aw, it all looks just lovely. Happy Merry to you and yours! (Also: why did I never think to put the pepper mill in a little dish?! That is genius. I am doing that from now on.)

Lisa G.

Happy Christmas season to you - it's just beginning!

I love your dinnerware with the green sprigs on it - all your photos are so perfect, always.

christine horlbeck

Lovely. Thank you for inviting us along.

Debbie from Illinois

Thanks for sharing you cozy Christmas with us! I adore your dinnerware too.


Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie VV

Your pictures write a love poem... seemingly simple, minutely focused, then expansive, a framework at once delicate, and yet ultimately strong enough to support your reflections, dreams, the work you do, the things you believe in... a poem about love, family, home, and gratitude. Your words too, they add perspective, and endearments. Christmas time casts an extra warmth, but your poetry holds throughout the year.
Any way... that's something of what this reminds me. And I thank you for the beauty of it all.

Kristy L.

I'm doing the same thing Alicia. Just trying to hang on to it all until I go back to work Thursday. Then more time off to look forward to for another long weekend. I'm listening to christmas music right now and just ate a christmas cookie!
Enjoy your day too. I'll be thinking of you!


i love your perspective on everything...wishing you many lovely days in the new year ahead xoxo

Jan Duston

Seasons Greetings to you and Andy dear Alicia!! You provide your blog readers so
much pleasure during the year- May 2012 be wonderful to you- We love you!!!!


Lovely thoughts. Where can I get the dinnerware?

Mary Ann

A lovely weekend, full of family, friends, laughter and food thank you for sharing your home and heart with us.


What beautiful photographs. They make me happy. Your blog makes me happy. You are the bestest in the world, Alicia!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Wonderful photos. Keep warm and have a beautiful 2012.


A gorgeous story of Christmas - warmth, family, friends, food, furry ones, crispy cold landscape, and a sense of peacefulness flowing through it all.


We had a wonderful Christmas, too, with family! Look at those ferns! Beautiful. Keep cozy.

sharon from farm and fru fru

beautiful photos and sentiments my dear bloggy friend. i do so much enjoy each and every post regardless of the content....the simplicity, quiet way and endless inspiration and food for my old soul. enjoy the rest of the 12 days of christmas (this is 2 calling birds day) and then, the shiny new year.


Your Christmas weekend looked cozy indeed! Happy new year to you.


Beautiful! Your Christmas weekend looks peaceful and magical. Hope your New Years is just as lovely.


Such a beautiful table setting, and then to see it in use, perfect! I also have one that prances around my lap and then falls off. ;)


It looks lovely, Alicia. :) Happy New Year to you and yours!


Beautiful photos! Hope you have a happy new year!


What a beautiful table setting! I would love to know the name of the dishes also! All the best Christmas & New Year wishes to you!

Lynne N

Once again, I've just spent most of my lunch break at work immersed in your stunning pictures, much the same way that Jane and Michael jump into Bert's chalk drawings in Mary Poppins (my all-time favorite movie, BTW!). I've just celebrated the hostess of our magical Christmas Eve meal with the most heartfelt toast ever composed, leaned over to plant a big smackeroo on that adorable pupper nose, and given the guy in the plaid shirt a great big snuggly hug while we bliss out on the holiday glow in the enchanted forest. You are awesome!!! Love to everyone at Paulson Place and warmest wishes for a wonderous, sparkly New Year! (Now back to the reality of the cranky boss and the unshaven husband in the torn sweatpants. Alas.)


Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!
MacIntosh (Corgi) and I send our love and prayers that all your dreams come true this coming year!
God bless,


Lovely photos of family time together - continue to relax this holiday season.

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