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November 20, 2011



Oh Alicia, how my heart aches for you. Words fail but know that we all love and support you and Andy.

Barbara M.

Oh, Alicia......there are no words, only prayers and sorrow.


Oh, Alicia, I am sick for you. I have no words. Know that you and Andy are in my heart. <3


Sending you love from my little corner of the cosmos. Best wishes to you all...

Carmen Ferguson

Oooh, I was so afraid that this was happening to you two, or four.....what a gift you have for gratitude....I'm so sorry that she isn't in your arms now....and I know that thousands are holding you in their hearts right now....


Speechless here. I am so sorry. It's outrageous, unfair, wrong... My heart goes out to you and Andy. You are in my thoughts.


What a cruel twist. My thoughts and prayers are all for you, Andy, the birthmother and this precious baby girl


Like everyone before me, the first words that come to me are Oh, Alicia...and Andy. I have been holding my breath and waiting for you to return to this space, hoping with everything that there was good news, that you were settling in and nesting. I am so very sorry. I feared that perhaps the birth mother changed her mind. That happens a lot. But, this is almost harder. I think the love and attachment and care you showered on this tiny one will be a little kernel of goodness that she carries with her on a very physical level. It is not much for your pain, but I think it is true that she is better off for the time she spent with you. xo


Sorry. So sorry.


Heartbreaking, for everyone. My prayers are with you all.


So so sad and so so wrong!

Rebecca Clark

Oh Alicia, Andy, birth mother and precious baby girl you are all in my prayers. I know however short that time was you both made a difference in theirs lives. I will continue to pray for you all.


My heart goes out to you all. I'm so so so sorry.


Alicia and Andy, I am so sorry.


Praying for you all- baby and birth mom included.


My heart sank when I read your post. My thoughts are with you both, the courageous young woman and the beautiful babe.

Kaye Prince

Oh Alicia, I am heart broken for you right now. I am sorry. I have followed your (and Andy`s) path through this and I was waiting ever hopeful to cheer for you guys when your dream came true. I firmly believe however that that little girl will carry the love that you gave her for the rest of her life, and I know that one day you we will be reading a post saying that you have a little one with you forever. You are both in my thought right now.


I'm so sorry x


SO sorry. Hugs to you both and to the birthmother.

Jane Little

Oh Alicia,
I read your blog with bated breath, but rarely comment. We went through a very similar situation this year. Our adoptive mom changed her mind after a few days. Really it only takes seconds to love that baby. Our little guy is now homeless with a teen mom and a convicted drug dealer dad. It's very hard. I can relate to your feelings so deeply. One thing that did bring me comfort was the quote by Willa Cather- Where there is great love, there are always miracles." You, Andy, the birthmother, nurses, friends and family all acted with great love. I pray your miracle comes soon.


My heart breaks for you. Please don't give up on your dream of becoming a mother.


I'm holding you in the light. Much love, Alicia and Andy.


I don't know what to say Alicia, I'm so so sorry this didn't work out for you both. Take care, and keep surrounding yourself with those closest family and friends. Sending my love x

Amy in Oregon

Heartbreak...I am so sorry. We went though a similar situation several years ago and it is painful beyond belief. So sorry. Much love to you.


My heart is aching for you both right now. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

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