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October 31, 2011



We're waiting right along side you, darlin.


This is so exciting!


Yay! Prayers and blessings for each and all of you...


Let The Games Begin!!!


I am so happy and excited for you and Andy Paulson. You will be wonderful parents!! May your wait pass quickly and may that sweet baby have a safe delivery!

Kathy McDonald

It won't be long now! We can't wait to "meet" her.

Jodi Anderson

I am teary-eyed reading your thoughts on the past.

My dad passed away when I was six, not that that has anything to do with, well, anything. I just seem to have a masters in *loss*. That aside, the past is so fragile, is it not? It reminds me of a baby, as it is tender and needs careful handling. The past is my greatest influence, so present in everything that I do and, yet, I have to be so careful not to try and go backward in time.

Hm, strange thoughts for Halloween and a long comment too. Best wishes, you guys, and I send you good thoughts from just northwest of Madison, Wisconsin. xoxo


Waiting here too. There's always waiting, isn't there? And then it's there - that moment when the cheese-and-caramel popcorn is forgotton in the seat of the recliner, and the pacing is a different rhythm.


Your writings are so heartfelt and touching. It's such a sweet thing that you share yourself with your readers. It always touches something deep inside me. Savor every day--even the hard ones. There will be so many in the future that are incredibly beautiful.

horse care courses

Oh my goodness what exciting times, wishing all of you well.

Melissa L.

I wondered where you were! You were on the TRAIN! So happy that it's almost time. Won't be long now. Don't forget to breathe!


Blessings and good wishes for this new (BIG) chapter.


Oh my goodness! Hugs, blessings, and good wishes to all!


Oh, I feel like I'm right back many years ago when I was waiting for the same phone call you are waiting for! Now my beautiful daughter calls and I get to talk to her little ones. I'm excited for you - and praying for your waiting time to pass quickly.


thinking of yall, prayers for sweet health, safe arrival, and for all the joy that only comes from the great blessing and gift of a little much joy! And reading your post was a joy too, so beautiful. Take care Alicia, I know I only know you from reading your words here, but I just think you're going to be the dearest mama ever!


Thank you for sharing our adventure with us! I am holding you all in my heart!

beth lehman

we pray, too.


How exciting! Many blessings for your expanding family~


Your time is finally here...Many blessings! Many hugs.


Prayers for you and your husband as your sweet baby girl is welcomed into this world. God Bless you with a healthy child.....such an exciting time!


It's an odd combination of feelings when you see a childhood home and the area. My parents have passed away and I am very hesitant to even go and look at the house I grew up in. The area has changed greatly now but I hold it in my memory as the beautiful place it was.
I think it is so special for you to be there waiting with family and having time to be together preparing for her, the sweetest thing. Best wishes to you both - can't wait to see the picture of her!

Cindy B

Good things come to those who wait.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh Alicia, I have chills. Life with twists and tales. And moving quickly, so much beauty, the past tugs on your yarn, the future is electric with excitment, a baby, memories. No words to conjure up, to share, just chills for you and Andy, and the furry kids, and a baby to come... What a most magical perfect time. Sigh... Love, Vanessa


oh. oh. oh!!! best & warmest wishes.

Lynda M O

Best wishes and blessings to your family as it grows to encompass new life.

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