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September 22, 2011



Thank you so much for deciding to ship overseas (for UK folk = £38) as I'm sure we all quite understand why this year is different! Sending you all much love from rainy England xxx


Oh my, you caused much excitement around here in the middle of dinner. My daughter asked to be excused...I said yes, and please go refresh the page on my computer. She did and I said, "Is the picture the same or different.". She yelled, "It's different!".
I ran over, placed my order, and the rest will be history. I'm looking forward to a wonderful Fall season with lovely ornaments. You are all amazing, and I thank you so much for this gift you have given us.
My daughter is in the other room right now sketching ideas for her own ornament kits:). You give us inspiration and memories. We appreciate you!!


I'm thrilled to have ordered mine!


Just placed an order ... your ABC Sampler kit was amazing and such an incredible value for the quality of design, instructions and materials. Thank you so much for putting these together. I ordered your first 3 kits and shipping to Canada was $23 ... not as bad as I expected.

Natalie VV

You are enjoying your own anticipation, and we thank you for the one you have created for us. This is promising to be the loveliest Fall... a happy herald for the family holidays ahead!


Whoo-hoo, the ornament kits are in the house!! Alicia, I can't thank you and Andy enough for undertaking this project, especially with everything else you've got going on lately (remodeling, traveling to Illinois, reassuring Clover Meadow, remembering to breathe...).

I hope you'll forgive me if I look ahead a few years and picture your production line including a Small Paulson. More chaotic perhaps, but more fun in the long run. :)


Sweet Home is just so beautiful, Alicia! The darling bunny looks just like my daughter's lovely brown bunny, Bo. Thank you so much for making the kits available for Canada; I don't mind the shipping cost, since the kit is so precious, and the price is reasonable (and they're just such fun to make!)
Hope all goes smoothly in the coming days and weeks.


I knew they'd be wonderful- but you have truly outdone yourself! The ornaments are spectacular! And you two worker bees have accomplished what seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. I can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by (oh, please go fast!) so the cuddling can begin!


A beautiful addition to your ornament series.

Kelly Grace

Wow! This is all so exciting! From the kits to your imminent departure to babyland, Posie Gets Cozy is all abuzz, it's intoxicating!


They are so cute! I love the door ornament, but they are all so sweet and the stitching makes them gorgeous! Exciting indeed!


Ordered mine! You continue to amaze me - LOVE them!
With all of the excitement around your home I thought we wouldn't have new ornaments this year - it's like an early Christmas gift.

Mary Ann

Thank you! I rushed right off to order before even commenting. The 2011 kit will so special for all of us waiting with you, can't believe you managed to get them done with everything else in your hearts and hands!

Lynn Jones

What a pleasure it is to be your reader and customer. Thank you for considering us so sweetly when you have some major things going on in your life. Please know my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you.


Yay I got one! Thanks so much. Our lives have gotten so busy - I love that I can count on doing this craft and not have to go a million different places to collect the materials. All the best to you!


These are so cute!! I think the "Walk in the Woods" set is my favourite. :)


Alicia, Do you know that according to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Rabbit? All children born this year are considered "Rabbits"! :O) Congrats!

Shelley Noble

They are all so wonderful! wishing you best of luck with the phone call.

Whitney Marie

Oh wow, Alicia. This new set might be my favorite (and that's saying a lot because I love them all)! I started learning to embroider last winter, and one of my first projects was the Ice Skating Afternoon set. Now I'm trying to catch up with Walk in the Woods and Snow Day. :) Your patterns are always so lovely, and your pictures and stories are so inspiring. I can't wait to spend many cozy evenings stitching away.

Good luck to you and Andy. Soon "home" will mean so much more for you <3


I love them! I think my mil needs a set made for her for xmas. Perhaps my mom too.

Lisa in Lincoln

All of us are thrilled for you and Andy. This is an exciting yet fragile time for everyone involved. I can't imagine how you could focus and complete these kits for us - but I thank you! Imagine as we sew our ornaments, each stitch we make is a little prayer for your family.

Susie Sears Taylor

Odd that no one has mentioned names for the baby. I looked up names from Norway that began with A. Annike was one that matched up with one of the dresses you made but it was spelled Anneke. I wonder if you were thinking of adding another A name to the Paulson Tree.

I always notice the crocheted dress on the web page right side that is called "Mina" - a cute name. I like Mina Anneke. Some names in my family are Gabrielle, Danielle, Scout (my favorite). Of course you could go the garden route, Rose, Lilly, Daisy etc. The name Bethenny or Bethany is nice as is Elsebeth , Alice, Audra and Susanne. I am guessing you already have a name picked out and will tell us in due time but I just found it fun thinking about it.

Nameing tips: remember to take initials into consideration i.e. does it spell something you might not like and also sound alike name that would give other kids ideas for teasing etc. Also, dare I say it, unusual spellings of common names are silly like Cyndi for Cindy. Sorry but it just doesn't float my boat.

Waiting for news from Portland that you have news from Illinois soon!!!! So exciting, so exciting!!!

Teresa Kasner

Oh my, the blue door ornament is aMAYzing! I love doors! And homes. And babies. Say, as far as names go.. a perfect name.. "Aimee". It means "friend" in French.

I will work on a 2nd pink cotton bootie, the first is done.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I can't tell you how much I respect the (very reasonable, gracefully presented) boundaries you & Andy set up for these types of things. It's soooooooo tricky balancing the generous inclination to make things work for everyone with the absolutely necessary self-preservation. I am so inspired by the way you handle all of this! (And the ornament kits are darling, darling, of course.)


Squeeee! So adorable and I'm overjoyed to have snagged a kit. I have all the others and would have been SO disappointed to miss out on this year's. Wishing you and your family all the best during this very exciting time!

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