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September 29, 2011



sending luck and love. we're thrilled right alongside you guys. xo


Piles and heaps and mounds and large laundry stacks and tanks overflowing with love and prayers to every one of you. SO much to think upon. Hearts SO full.


I'm so excited for you and sending you lots of positive thoughts from the UK! Can't wait for my ornament its too. Good luck with everything!


(And that is a ridiculously adorable room.) <3


(And that is a ridiculously adorable room.) <3


I'm so thrilled for you and Andy and for that cherished new one you will be bringing home. Praying that all will go well for everyone concerned.

Susie Sears Taylor

Love Love LOVE the snow suit hanging on the wall!!!! I would say you are ready. If you forget anything when you go remember there are lots of stores in Illinois too! I hope you will be able to post while you are there to keep us all updated. As you can tell by the comments, all of us are waiting right along with you to hear the good news. If you don't want to post a picture of the baby (and I would understand why) I hope to see a picture of little hands and feet at least. Clover will be thrilled too, in one way or another. I saw a picture once of a young family who had the bottoms of their four big feet and two tiny feet taken in black and white. It was adorable...also hands would be cute like that. If you do that in Portland you might be able to squeeze in a couple of hairy paws from you know who.


We are hoping to travel in a couple of months to meet OUR new baby girl...but she is all the way in Ethiopia and I FEEL you on the uncertainty! And having everything we need here at home and to care for her in Ethiopia for a week, in our hotel room...scawwy!!! I love following you along in this journey so very much. It's comforting to read so many of the same sentiments I'm feeling expressed so eloquently. Your blog brings me so much joy...thank you for putting so much love into it!!!


Lisa in Lincoln

So, so happy for you and Andy! Your excitement is contagious! My kit arrived and I am excited about that - thank you! I re-read Andy's blog - what a hoot! He is quite entertaining! I chuckled all the way through - again! I trust you have a newborn Chicago Bears t-shirt ready?!! I am wishing and praying for the very best for all of you.

Sarah R.

Such an exciting time! Sending good thoughts your way (and loving the absolutely adorable glimpse of the kid-space you're putting together!).

Melissa Crowe


Of course, you will have all the things you really need both here and there: your arms, your voices, your mouths (for kisses, kisses, kisses). Your burning desire to care for that little person. All else is gravy (and some pretty damn good gravy if the photo on your post is any indication--I want to live in that baby's room!).


I'm SO SO happy for you both (well, all 3 of you!). I know I lurk and don't comment much, but I think of you often. I've been praying right along with you that everything works out!


Oh, I have missed your lengthy posts so much. Thank you for taking the time to fill us in. I am delighted and thrilled for you all. Enjoy every minute of anticipation and the small wonders and large joys that come next.


I am so happy and excited for you and Andy. I pray that everything works out as the way you want it to be. God Bless! I'm sending my prayers to you all the way from New York. You guys will be such lovely parents.

Kathy Beck

Alicia, our daughter's adoption was finalized 24 years ago today. Time passes so quickly. Enjoy every moment!

Alessandra Loiacono

Sending you and your family all the good thoughts and prayers! Best of luck and can't wait to meet your baby girl!!


Prayers and well wishes for all of you. What a brave, wonderful person to give her baby such a sweet and loving home.


I am so excited for your little family! All the warmest wishes and thoughts and love for you and Andy and Baby Paulson. (eek! how awesome is that!?!) :)


Congratulations!!! prayers for healthy baby, healthy mom and peace. what a wonderful season you are in! many blessings to your growing family.


Having lived through that process twice, I send you wishes for calm, and overflowing happiness. And of course prayers that all will go perfect. That is one lucky little girl to have you two for parents!


I am just so, so happy for you two. What a wonderful time.


Sending many blessings and prayers your way! So happy for you guys!


I am so happy and exctied for you two. It warms my heart as I think about that little girl being waited on with so much love, and the wonderful life that awaits her!


Oh my GOSH, Alicia and Andy: You have a due date!! I am so happy for you. Soooooooooo happy for you. Gahhh! How wonderful!!! :)


That is so so so wonderful...yipeeeee
Enjoy every second, it has been a long long wait for you..nearly there x
love jooles x

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