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There is wainscoting on the long wall of the bedroom now, which is so very nice. It is primed but not yet painted; when I paint it it will be a milky, glossy white, like all of the trim in our house. I'm picking a new paint color for the wall above the wainscoat and the rest of the walls. I am the worst worst worst at resisting the influence of paint names. When I see a color I like on a paint chip, before I see the name I silently hope that it will be something cool and not something lame. Because I know I am not highly evolved enough not to just ever-so-slightly consider the name in jury deliberations. The color I'm leaning toward in the line-up above is the second blob. Sadly named, by Benjamin Moore, "Quiet Moments." Which sounds like the name of an air freshener. Or a depilatory. Or one of those instrumental-music CDs they sell on the endcap by the wrapping paper at Target. I wanted it to be named "Mount Saint Anne" (obviously), the name of the color that was just a couple of shades darker on the paint chip, which evokes a French convent school. With chipped white latte bowls. And paned windows. And scratchy socks. And oil lamps. On a rocky island. In November. During a storm. In other words, perfect.


Beautifully written, beautifully painted. Keep us posted. :)

Susie Sears Taylor says: July 12, 2011 at 04:53 PM

I hear you sister. The names of my kitchen paints (3) are all associated with Italy. I had just returned from Italy and Greece when we moved in to this house. I was thrilled to see the names matched up with the colors to my liking. All three beautiful blues.....The blue shutters agains the white stucco homes on the islands around Greece are just like the pictures you see on tv or travel posters. So beautiful....the sky in Tuscany...I can't even begin to put that beauty into words let along paint color names. If you haven't been....GO.

I'd scratch out "Quiet Moments" and rename the chip "Mt. St. Anne" and go with it...who would know but a few hundred readers and we'll never tell.
Mums the word to Clover too...

Enjoy your project...:)

How about you take in the paint chip of "Quiet Moments" [barf. totally with you on that name.] and have them custom mix a paint to match it. Then you call *that* paint "Mount Saint Anne!" (Or whatever the heck you want, really... Mount Saint Alicia?)

Alternatively, mix white into Mount Saint Anne until it matches "Quiet Moments" Then you will *technically* have Mount Saint Anne. Just, you know, with some white in it.

There are ways, Alicia. Ways around this. ;)

Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished room!

you're so funny. And Im so glad that's not just me ;) I'd love to come up with paint names....

@Kelly: HAHAHAHA! That's awesome. :-)

missjenny says: July 12, 2011 at 05:07 PM

Well obviously Benjamin Moore got the paint names mixed up. You rename that colour and call it Mount Saint Anne. Or Mount Saint Clover.

I have not started my workroom/study yet, but am inspired by your studio - hoping to get to Ikea and have some fun!

As someone who picked the paint color for her front door based solely on the name (black paint called Kitty Kitty because my cat is black....)I totally get it.

A convent, or a great place to ski in Quebec! It is very cold (hot toddy mandatory after every 2 runs).

I highly suggest renaming the paint color to suit your taste. Really. There's no harm in indulging yourself, and much delight to be gained.


I love mount saint anne and have painted it in two different homes. The first was in a condo we owned and we paired it with grey owl wainscoting. It looked more green grey there in the bathroom. Now I have the color in my kitchen and it looks more blue green. It is a greatcolor which makes me think the whole lot of five on the sample is pretty good.

My sewing room is "Mountain Dew" which is much more of a blue...rather than a horrible bright green like the soft drink can :)

I painted my bedroom "quiet moments" and it is hands down my favorite paint color EVER. Go for it. It is depending on the light. Perfection.

worst paint name ever: grassy knoll green from lowe''s a beautiful shade of green and looks wonderful in my son's room but really lowe's? grassy knoll green??

you crack me up. I love reading your posts, they truly make me smile. The wainscoting looks beautiful, I can't wait to more pictures....

Our interior is painted in "Interactive Cream". WTH? Talk about an awful name......

Yup I'm guilty too! My daughter wanted her room pink when we moved in.. I put paint chips on the wall. Secretly I wanted Ballet Slipper pink to look the best but it ended up looking too peachy. It ruined me for days.

Karen M. says: July 12, 2011 at 07:16 PM

My hallway is painted in Puppy Paws for that exact reason. Thankfully, I do like the color, but the name probably tipped the scales a bit.

Totally agree with your description of the color and paint name appeal. One living room wall is Calypso-I couldn't remember the name when a friend asked and all I could think of was Caribbean Guano. Now that would not be an appealing name! It is a golden orange color. Your choice of wall color is beautiful. Agree that it should have a different name perhaps Princesse Clover?

Quiet Moments...sounds like something they would name a hemorrhoid cream! But what a beautiful color. I love your description of the French convent

Ha! I picked the color of our bathroom, an earthy green, despite the name: "Squirrel." Huh? Those paint-namers were desperate.

I'm the same way with paint chips...painted my dining room "rice pudding"

I'm totally with Kelly. If you mix the two even slightly then you have Quiet Moments on Mount Saint Anne, that might work. Good luck.

Too funny--just minutes ago my husband and I were talking about how we love to read the names on paint chips. Our daughter was showing us some possible color choices for her bedroom re-do--all with completely uninspired/revolting names: "Dyed Denim", "Roasted Asparagus", or the mind-bending "Deeply Red". My husband recalled a truck he had once--the paint color was called "Mocha Frost".
I want to travel to Mount Saint Anne right now!

Would it be any consolation to know that of the many grey paint chips I picked to try on our bedroom wall - with names including Grey Owl and November Rain - the one that looks best is called "Intense White"?

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