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July 01, 2011



I got my kit last night and it looks awesome. If I didn't have 10 knitting projects in the queue I'd start it right now. :) Thanks so much!


I got my kit yesterday after work, and it was a wonderful treat to come home to right before my 4-day weekend. It was such a wonderful package to open, I can't wait to begin it! Thank you!


I also received my kit yesterday-it's beautiful and I can't wait to start! Thanks so much for the, what seems like, LOVE, that went in to its creation.

jeanne e.

I received my kit yesterday and I love it! I can't wait to start in on it. I think I will "savor" this one and take my time for each letter, esp. since a lot fo the stitches will be fairly new to me. You and Andy did a wonderful job! I can't wait for the next kit...hehehe...


Got my email saying it was on the way...looking forward to getting started! Have a happy weekend!


I got mine (N. Calif.) two days ago and have spent that time just admiring everything slowly. I hold the soft colors of wool in my hand in a bunch to see how beautifully they work together. I've never done wool crewel before so this will be a new sensory experience too. Now I have to run to the store & get an embroidery hoop & scissors because I forgot all my sewing stuff is packed up for our house move!

Eliz. K

love the daisies! so summer-y!


I'm in Far-Far-Away Canada (wink wink), so I'm still anxiously waiting for my package arrive in my mailbox. So exciting!


Got my kit. I stood it up on a shelf in my sewing room, so I can see it every day. Waiting for the perfect moment to start. So cute. Thanks, Lisa

Cheryl Babington

I received my most lovely kit. So looking forward to starting!!!!

Mama Urchin

Got mine today, just in time to head out on vacation with it in hand. Thanks, it looks just beautiful.


I got my kit on 6/28 and have taken it out of the envelope so many times!! Just in time for the long weekend. The wool is fabulous quality stuff. Boy! You don't stint on the quantity either. Many times I've purchased a kit with barely enough materials to complete it and if you make a mistake, DISASTER. I also love the signed notecard with the order. Your personal touch with the orders you ship harkens to by gone days. You are a treasure!!


I got mine yesterday and it's awesome. Thank you so much!

Sarah R.

The kits are beautiful! I am so excited to begin! Thank you!

Jodi Anderson

I just peeked at my tracking number and it was sorted in Madison early this morning. It should arrive in my little village tomorrow. I am so very excited.

Bonus? I think you're familiar with the humid continental climate, otherwise known as miserably humid midwest summers? This is when my crochet and crafting season begins, when the air turns into very hot water. I prop up my legs and sit in front of a fan, and watch television shows that I never knew existed. Oh, also, this is when I will hone my embroidery skills with your snazzy alphabet sampler.

I am clearly delirious from the heat. Have yourselves some great fireworks this weekend, guys. *wink*

Steph N

Got mine yesterday, just in time for holiday laziness! Thanks so much!


I got my kit yesterday, the day after my birthday, just spreading the fun out a little longer. I already pinked the edges and have almost finished the 'A'. Its such a lovely kit and the colors have such a fun 70's vibe.


Received my kit yesterday (Lodi, CA) and am over the moon! It's also my first time with crewel wool and I'm so looking forward to it! My shady backyard and a tall glass of lemonade are calling my name!
Andy, the screen printing looks amazing! Alicia, your color choices and design are divine! Thanks for busting your buns on this guys, it's going to be great!!

Cindy Bowman

I got my kit, i'm so loving it. Today I'm off to buy a pretty little basket or maybe an antique sewing box to tote it around with me, while I work on it. The A is almost finished, and it looks wonderful. Thanks so much, Have a great 4th.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Alicia, I got my kit and am very excited to start... I put a post on my blog about your kit and showed a photo of it and gave a link to your order site! Can you tell me what is the best embroidery hoop to get and where to find it? I want a really good one. I will be posting my progress on my blog when I get started.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I got my kit earlier this week and it is awesome! I am looking forward to starting it once I get some quilting projects underway. Thank you Alicia for offering a wonderful kit once again!

Laura :)


My mail man thought I was bonkers the other day when he handed me the package. With package in hand I did a happy dance!! I couldn't wait until I got home and opened it in the car. WOW is all I could say - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I'm putting making this lovely kit at the top of my list of things to do for myself.


I got my kit this morning--love, love, LOVE it! I am so excited to spend a bit of this holiday weekend stitching away! Thank you, Alicia (and Andy!) for such a beautiful kit.


Got my kit. Am so excited Going on a month long vacation and plan on working on it all that time. Yeah. Great job, looks so professional.

Constantina H

I am so excited, I just can't wait to get my kit but being in Greece I guess I will still have quite a wait! Ooooh the suspense!!!!

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