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June 09, 2011



Happy Birthday to the outstanding Andy! (Wait, is that a banana cake?!) It's actually the best decade-you're old enough to know yourself, what you love, what you want, what you don't want, and young enough to do all the things you want to do.


Oh yeah, you just said it was another banana caae. Maybe being over 40 has its drawbacks, from my end here....


Happy birthday to your lovely husband! And from someone who is happily awaiting the arrival of my kit, I don't at all mind waiting a few more weeks! Good luck with the whole patience bit....


Beautiful cake -- as much so as the last one! I also love that shirt that Andy is wearing -- did you make it for his birthday? Your back yard is so pretty -- everything has a place and a purpose -- I like that. As soon as it gets a little warmer, I want to do some interesting things in my own small backyard -- for the time being I'm being creative in planting herbs and other small vegetables in old wooden drawers bought at a garage sale for $.25 each -- all handmade and dovetailed instead of using nails!

Natalie VV

As we practice to be patient, it is only fitting that we are rewarded with week-long birthday celebrations, and do-over cakes! Cheers and cheers!

sharon from farm and fru fru

now THAT'S aa pretty cake...but i still say cake with a spoon is always a good idea!

Cheryl Babington

I'm looking SO forward to getting my sampler kit!! Thanks for the update!



I do not mind at all waiting a bit longer for my kit to arrive! Due to inspiration from you, I've signed up for a quiltmaking class that starts next week, so I'll be busy with that for a while. Happy b'day to Andy!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the PDF pattern!!! I am SO excited! Your sampler is my inspiration for all the decor in my newest daughter's nursery (she is due in September). Can't wait to get started!!

...and happy birthday to your husband!!

Mary Lynn

When it comes to Birthdays, my husband says, "you only get a day"! (chuckle). Andy you are special to have five birthday cakes. Way too many calories for me. Hello to Alicia and Clover Meadow.

Lisa G.

That's a very CLEAN looking cake - no crumb-y edges - I'm impressed with that!

michele (maryland)

LOVE your back yard! Good job! Happy birthday to Andy too!


I am so excited about my sampler, i too need to learn patience!
happy birthday to Andy, it is my birthday tomorrow and guess how old??? 40 ...i don't want it to come!
p.s that cake looks delicious x


I am looking forward to my kit--it will be a wonderful surprise whenever it arrives!!

Happy birthday to Andy!


You make everything so nice Alicia! That's a beautiful cake! and I love the candles:)


Happy Birthday, Andy! Love your pictures. ~ Lisa xo

Seanna Lea

Yeah cake! I'm making so much cake this week, though I think I will break free of the 4/5 cakes you made and stop at 3.


5 cakes - now that sounds like my kind of party!!
Yeah for the sampler update!! It's probably a good thing it got delayed as I have tons to do around here for my local farmer's market. I think it would be too tempting to not stitch it right away.


Honey, since I figured it would take me until next January to even find the time to sit down and make my sampler, there's no worries on my part!


Happy birthday to Andy. It's good to know that I'm not the only needleworking husband in the world!

No problem on the kit, it will just make it even more exciting when it does come!

Judith Norman

Sounds like you're busy. All the best to the Paulsons.

Bee Balm Gal

The cake looks beautiful. Bet it tasted awesome, all the better for having to bake it twice!


Mr. Lee and I both have birthdays in December so we always celebrate for a week each with Christmas in the middle.

Way to go Paulsons.


Firstly, the cake is a beaut.
Secondly, y'all's yard is so dang gorgeous. It's We need rain in the worst way down here...


The remake cake was every bit as pretty as the first!

Your photos are so inspiring!

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