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April 06, 2011


Susie Sears Taylor

Wonderful, wonderful pink! I agree with you on that. You looked so cute in your jenny lind.


Sweet :) I had a Jenny Lind bed also but never knew why it was called that. Thanks for sharing that link.


You are soooooo cute!

Vicki K

I had curtains just like that in my pink bedroom too~


I had a pink and green bedroom too, though it was paisley and "flower power" (with these: and 1967. That was closely followed by a modern white bedroom suite with accents of lime green and yellow. My bunk bed had lime green "wet look" head-and-foot boards. *shudder*

It's always fun and reassuring to find that your particular soul is really yours, and has always been. We are what we are.


Too cute!!!

High school was the first time I had free reign with wall paint & bedding. I opted for cotton-candy pink walls + romantic, floral bedding -- totally opposite of my "rock-n-roll" self at that time! Now, some 30 years later, I still love pink (though not on the walls) & romantic, floral bedding (though more of a challenge, living in a dude-centric household!). I'd not given a thought up until now of how the "me" now has such similar tastes to the "me" then =).


Oops, link didn't work. Check out this page and look for 1967:


Sweetness for sure...Cheers!


I like the bed lamp! My grandma had those! I wish I had one now!

Natalie VV

It is sweet. Remarkably sweet. And it makes me wonder what else we can find from our childhoods that *surprisingly* color our lives today.

Judith Norman

I really link that pink you had in your room. Wonder if it is available now? It's very stimulating.


Isn't it funny how we remember, and keep choosing the same things, even though we don't actually remember?


So sweet! My first (of four) daughters was born in 1974. She moved into the big girl bed in 76. Pink and green room with one wall of pink and green Holly Hobby wallpaper. In 1980 we moved into a new house and her room, shared with her sister was pink roses with tiny green leaves. Now a mother, her little girls just started sharing a room with big girl beds. Guess what color she chose? Yep, pink and green!


Oh so sweet! Mom let me decorate my room when I was a teen. A fake fur spread, chest of drawers painted white with tiger print contact paper accents and a black bean bag chair. Same contact paper was used to cover a lampshade. Thank goodness my decor style has improved greatly since then!


So sweet! You are just darling :) Maybe that's why I have such a love for vintage sheets - taking me back to my childhood...


so sweet!


And will continue to be! Some things of your heart never change! It's who you are. :)


I SO agree about the fun in finding similarities in taste to a younger version of yourself. Makes me feel like I'm somehow "on the right track" or something.

That quilt is still gorgeous, by the way!

Deb Legg

How does the saying go? As things change, they stay the same?

That's such a sweet picture, you're adorable!

And I love that quilt, I bought your pattern and made one of my own in 2009. Thank You!


What a beautiful quilt. This is such a great example of how the smallest most beautiful moments in our life can really affect who we are for always.


Oh I have seen that kid face a million times lol - that is pure joy!!! There are just somethings that ingrained in our DNA :)

wasabi honey bee

You were so cute!!! I have that same feeling every time I read old journals. I am so much more the way I was than I think I am : )

ellen kelley

I love reading this post. I am always in awe of what you do.
This post reminds me, or encourages me to say to you, "Hang on to that little sweetheart that you were." Love her and hold her as you grow older. She/you were loved, as you are now.
I will be (gasp) 70 yrs. old next Jan.
Although I still feel about 12, maybe 21, perhaps 30, oh, what the heck, 40ish, I am still that little girl running like the wind, playing football and loving my doll. I am still that little girl sewing clothes for my doll and my dog. I am still that little girl in my small bed with the lovely coverlet and bolster that my mother sewed.
Aren't we blessed? Thank you, Alicia.


Well, I'm not sure I can follow the beautiful message from Ellen above, however I just wanted to say I LOVE this post. Not only is the 70's picture of you really cute, it made me feel a little nostalgic too! It connected me to my first 'big girl' bed and that time in my life and was filled with lovely memories. Thank you x



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