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April 22, 2011



Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recommendation of Chosen by a Horse book!!! One word: A.MAZ.ING! What a fantastic story. I absolutely loved it. Now I am reading Chosen Forever. =-) Am looking forward to the sampler!


I love the idea of doing my own framing and very interested in your tutorial. I had no idea we had a do it yourself frame place. Cool!


I am beyond excited!! I have been looking for something to keep my busy this summer and this sounds perfect! To top if off whats better than new supplies!! :)

Susan M.

You had me at Sister Golden Hair...


So excited about the kit! Also, I'm moving to Portland this summer!! I must hear about this do-it-yourself framing place! Thanks for your hard work on a lovely project!


Any horse who helps you on your journey-to-athlete is a lucky animal. Above all your amazingness and accomplishment, it's your time with horses that most inspires and moves me.

Natalie VV

You are a persuasive woman... I hadn't really considered ordering a kit, because I have a million wips and projects on the list... but, but, but... who can resist your encouraging words, and your beautiful example?


i am SO SO SO excited!
really really really...can't wait, i know it will be a beautiful kit, thank you
Cute horse!
j x

Susan M.

Crewel embroidery helped me graduate from High School a year early. So don't underestimate its power. :)


I am very interested in your crewel sampler kit! I love the idea of stitching it through the summer on my porch with bare feet and iced tea and all. love that. also looking forward to the framing tutorial!

jeanne e.

can't wait for the kit!!!!! will the fabric be the color in your blog posts? will there be choices of color (like 1 or 2)? so excited! have you thought about offering the letters as iron-on transfers? looking forward to the framing tutorial! thanks! :)

Teresa Kasner

Alicia.. you are an inspiration on so many levels. You can count me in on the sampler. I've done embroidered samplers before but never crewel, so this will be a new accomplishment to add to my list. :-)

I owned my own horse so I can so relate to the joy or riding and also how exhausting the whole thing is! I rode in the Corbett 4th of July Parade many times.

Have a great Easter weekend!!

Teresa in the gorge


lolo...laying flat, pointing the clicker at the TV lolololo ahhhh, I do that too. so funny. A happy kind of exhausted:)


The sampler kit sounds very tempting but I want to hear all about the riding too!!

S x


I love that you are feeling so happy and sharing that all with us! I have a special place in my heart for horses. I've never owned one personally but I've been around (and on) many and I am certain that they carry a sort of energy to find's almost like they will take you to a whole 'nuther world of healing and self-confidence and inner peace. (All seem quite inadequate as adjectives in this situation).
my 14 year old "wild pony" spends two days a week with a horse that is the PERFECT sassy match for her. They are both growing so much and to see my already confident daughter become more and more trusting of her quiet, strong ways warms the cockles of my heart like nothing else! :)

Oh...and the sampler....I SO can't wait!!


The last time I rode a horse I was in OK on vacation. I fell off and broke my collar bone. What an adventure that was, but the airplane ride home had 7 people on it and we were treated like we were in First Class.
I am so excited to see the kit. I am a quilter but lately I have been into the needle arts. My goal is to own every color of the DMC floss, so that my choices are unlimited.
I am reading a book set in England on the moor so I planning on sitting by the fire reading and enoying this Easter weekend if I am not watching the Trailblazer's win!


I just ordered your embroidery book and am hoping it is here tomorrow so I can brush up on my embroidery skills and prepare myself for the lovely alphabet sampler kit!


The horse looks mighty suspicious of your phone/camera!


I was on the fence about ordering the kit (because I'm a slow stitcher) until you mentioned Sister-Golden-Hair. I'm in. I want the exact afternoon you described.

Meg McG

I am most definitely going to be getting this kit, I can't wait! The market on easy-to-start AND cool embroidery projects is slim. It's easy enough to use a transfer pen, but even EASIER when it's already ready already :)


I envy you on the horse and it reminds me of my own goal. I'm setting my goals high on a couple fronts and horse-back riding, which expensive, is something I've wanted to do for a few years now. I've a friend who loves horse-back riding, she tells me, "Don't wait too long." I think that's reference to joints...anyhow, I'll bet you drop a couple of dress sizes, Alicia, the more you ride. Enjoy. And I look forward to more of those kits...


I'm thrilled that you are riding, and hope it continues to bring you much joy! I recommend a hot bath with epsom salts for those sore muscles. I waited all my life to be around horses (and to eventually have my own horse) and it is the best thing EVER!

Seanna Lea

The nose!

I'm looking forward to seeing your embroidery project go live. I have a number of cross-stitch projects that took a major backseat to knitting a number *cough5ormore* of years ago, but I like keeping my fingers wet.


I haven't done embroidery, crewel or otherwise, for years! You have inspired me. Now with your books & the new kit, I'll be set. I haven't ridden for years either. My two mares just look at me in disgust. So, maybe this can happen too!! Thank you for all the inspiration.

The Hungarican Chick

Yay, I'm happy you're 'en-selle' as they say. Nothing brings me more peace on this planet than being around horses, it's been a part of my life since I was very, very small. I hope, that if by some miracle I do get pregnant, or I end up getting a child from the state adoption program, that I will be able to buy him/her a little pony and I can pass on this passion to them. :) There's nothing better than a pony. FYI, my sister is holding a horsemanship clinic in Eagle Creek in June if you're interested. And our barn is going horse camping on the beach in July. ::sweet::

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