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    I will break into a run
    without a pause . . . "
    — The Avett Brothers

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April 08, 2011



Alicia, I saw the Mina on Ravelry the other day. I love the muted tones. I've got little nieces in my life. I have no excuse not to make stuff for them. Let the sewing machine, crochet hooks and knitting needles commence in tandem! Yes, here I come multi-tasking!


Thank you oh so much for bringing that version of hallelujah into my life! I had never heard her version before - just your beautiful new pattern :)


Measurement Diagram Thing = Schematic! ;)

What a pretty dress!

natalie t.

oooo, thanks! Just purchased "Mina"- the dress for my daughter "Minna"- the girl. How perfect is that? Can't wait to get started. Have a nice weekend!

krista - Poppyprint

Your mortgage broker had you crying to k.d.lang IN HIS OFFICE??? What?

Your tulip field dress is so adorable - it almost makes me want to learn to crochet and have a baby girl all at the same time.

krista - Poppyprint

Oh! and if you are looking for great summer books, have you met Flavia de Luce yet? You will LOVE her, I just know it. Just google.

Alicia P

Yes -- it was hilariously awesome. CRANKED. On the big huge computer. And then me crying. It was a 3-hour appt. and I was almost in tears anyway, but still. . . .

And I do love Flavia (she was on last summer's book list). Good call! :-)

jolie @ joeycake

Just beautiful!!! Love the different colorways you chose. I can't wait to read the Saddest Book in the World. In the meantime, Tina Fey's new book is on its way to me and I cannot WAIT! Maybe you should read it at the same time as me? And we can laugh about it together. xo:)


I too read a couple of the pioneer books recommended on here! HEAVY stuff huh?! Just weighted one down with what our poor forefathers had to go through. Such oppression! Yea, I'm ready for a spurt of funny or light or frivolous too! Suggestions?

Natalie VV

So much beauty. So much beauty.
I am at loss for words, because you have shown us so much beauty.

Fiona Goble

So beautiful and understated... feeling a bit miffed I only have a boy, 14 today and six foot tall. It's not going to work somehow.


The Avett Brothers were just in my neighborhood and the tickets sold out before we could get our hands on two. So, so heartbroken.

Your dresses are so cute! I need to learn to crochet.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Alicia, love the darling little dress.. might need to get this pattern from you! :-)

I love horses so I went to Kindle on my iPad 2 and just bought it. Will read it and I guess I'd better have some kleenex by my side?

Such a beautiful day here in Oregon today!! YAY!!

T in the gorge


I am so pleased that you've posted this pattern just in time for me to make it for my friend's little girl's birthday. Thank you Alicia, it's so, so, so gorgeous!


It is beautiful!

Troy Louise

Oh boy are those ever sweet. I have a young friend expecting a little girl in June. But, I'll have to practice a bit before I can make one of these. Good luck w/the radio show. Thanks & Happy Weekend.

Mary Ann

Oh my goodness, I love Hallelujah and somehow had never seen her version. You're right so beautiful it makes you cry. the dress...adorable, I might just have to learn to crochet!


Such sweet little dresses, beautiful soft colours. :)
Vivienne x


SO EXCITED!!! You totally made my day with this pattern - I will be getting it really really soon. I am a new kid with the whole crochet thing - only made blankets - but I think it's time to venture out and give this a go.

Anje A.

If you like tulips this much, you really should come to Holland and visit the tulip fields.... stripes of colour are saying: Hey you, it's springtime again!It's absolutely gorgeous.
Enjoying your blog so much... wish my house looked like yours and I could create such beautiful things.
Thank you!


This version is so very sweet but I'm wondering if there are instructions to add the sleeves like the previous version you posted on Ravelry.


Darling dress...wish I had grandchildren =-( Because of you, I just ordered Chosen by a Horse, and I had to order the next one, of course: Chosen Forever. And I see she wrote a prequel to CBH...because we all need a good cry or three... KD is AWE.SOME!! I have always loved her. She has the purest voice in the universe. Love this version of Hallelujah so much. Thank you for reminding us of it!


When I saw that cover of Black Beauty I gasped. Honestly. Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous. Alicia, I was such a horse girl too--riding lessons, Breyer horses, horses everything. And now I sew and stitch stuff :) Let's make horse embroideries!

And your little dress is simply the sweetest. My sister just found out today that she's having a boy. Dang.


I loved "Chosen by A Horse" when I read it a few years ago. But even better were two books by an author in Oregon who has a horse ranch for kids and horses who have been through very hard things. The books are called "Bridge Called Hope" and "Hope Rising" by Kim Meeder. The author writes beautifully, and will touch your heart in so many ways.


Love this - I need to practise my crochet and make one.

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