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I am babysitting a blooming orchid for a month. It is really awesome. I can't believe there's an actual plant that looks like this in our actual house. I don't have a good history with houseplants but I think I can handle this for a bit (hope hope). I've put all the watering days into my iPhone calendar with alerts and all that, so hopefully I won't mess this gorgeous thing up.


i am just plain afraid of caring for any houseplant...i apparently suck at it! very, very pretty orchid. good luck!! xo

Those blooms are just incredible!

Good Luck! its a beauty!!

I'm a little bit nervous for you.

so lovely! Good luck with it!!


Wow! Plantsitting is a career opportunity I had not yet considered.

Beautiful! Those petals look unreal. How fun! Will you buy one for yourself if the all goes well? :)

It's a Phaleonopsis, it looks like. Those are pretty hard to kill. Just don't touch the petals, finger oils will make them turn yellow.

You will do fine kid ;-)
Hang in there......

orchids are actually some of the easiest houseplants in my experience. usually i kill houseplants with neglect but for some reason my orchids seem to like my once-a-week watering style. :) have fun and enjoy it!

OHMYGOSH, the pressure! But they are hard to kill, in my experience...

I'd be terrified that I'd kill it! My office plant is doing well, but that is because I see it every single day (and it droops melodramatically when it wants watering).

Definitely a Phal. but it resembles a Baldan's Kaleidescope to me! We had one for several years before we moved and sold all of our plants.

That is so beautiful. I'm not good at all with houseplants; however, I have raised 3 children to adulthood and my gardens are thriving, so I stick with those. I do have a lovely orchid in my dining room--it's faux (fancier than 'fake'), though....

You can do it!!! It is beautiful.

Yikes, would rather watch a child! I have 7 grandchildren, but no orchids! LOL!

That is beautiful!

Reiki Ree says: March 09, 2011 at 02:32 PM

Oh I don't think I'd ever risk letting something like that in my house. I don't think I'd get much done if it did get in because I'd want to just sit and stare at it, it is that beautiful, that interesting, that unbelievable! Oh my! I want I want I WANT!

What a beautiful orchid & photo! Aren't they amazing???

Miraculous nature... it never ceases to amaze.

Shouldn't have a problem, orchids aren't really all that touchy. My friend once grew a prize-winning orchid bloom by forgetting it on his back porch for a month!!

They really are easy!

I have an orchid; it is just growing buds to bloom again. It hasn't bloomed in the two years I've had it so I'm excited! I'm worried that I'll do something to jinx it! I have lots of houseplants, but the orchid just didn't want to bloom. I think I finally got the proximity to the window right for it.

It looks like it's been embroidered!
So beautiful. :)
Vivienne x

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