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March 18, 2011



Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful ways we can all help Japan during this tragedy. Beautiful!!!

May God bless you for that! :)

xoxo Gloria

Kieren Dutcher

Oh me too,
I am selling prints of a gouache resist japanese camellia through my blog.Thanks for posting these, Alicia!


Hi Alicia!

I'm donating 100% of the sales from this photograph:

and 20% of all other sales in my shop to Shelter Box:

Thanks so much for spreading the word for everyone that is trying to help through their art/craft/ideas.


I could JUST KICK myself for not posting this to you before. A friend of mine and her husband design and this is their shop. This print was featured on etsy's blog yesterday. I think it is beautiful and so are they.


I'm having a raffle here:
In association with Japan Quake Appeal from A Bit of this and That blog in Japan.


I'm donating everything but the listing & selling fees for every sale in my Etsy shop to help Japan.


Wow, thanks for this. I am stunned by the generosity of everyone, and have donated to the American Red Cross through Superbuzzy. Crafters are such lovely, wonderful people.


For the month of March my sister and I are donating 100% of the proceeds from our Etsy shop to the American Red Cross to help our Japanese friends.


What wonderful people. Reading this post made me feel so hopeful.


Thank you for mentioning my Sakura colorway, Alicia! I've already been able to donate $200 to Save the Children's Japan Earthquake Fund and will continue to donate in $50 increments.


i love to see how these tragedies bring out the humanity in all of us, uniting us and encouraging us to see each other as brothers and sisters. how encouraging to see how all these people are helping in the ways that they can. thanks for sharing this. i am of japanese descent and my family is living over there. thankfully everyone has survived, but it warms my heart to know that people the world over are praying and working to help. thank you, thank you!


I'm raffling off a rag-cat plushie at my blog to benefit Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support:
100% of the proceeds will go to JEARS. :)


There is a raffle on my blog for a custom made toy of your choice.

all proceeds to red cross or global giving.


I saw these little beaded flowers on etsy yesterday.

100% of the proceeds go to Japan. I like how the coloring of the flowers matches the Japanese flag. I am not affiliated with the seller at all, but have to say at $3 per flower, it's a good way to try out a new seller, and I hope that every small contribution adds up to more.


Here's some prints offered up by some very talented former classmates of mine.

Melbourne Road

Hi Alicia,
I am donating 100% proceeds (minus shipping) from this bag at my Etsy shop

thanks for sharing this!


Great post. What a wonderful way to help.


I'm auctioning these "Pink Hearts" for Japan:

Thanks so much, Alicia!


Great post. I am also doing a giveaway on my blog for Japan with knitterly and non-knitterly prizes.

Ellen L.

I'm giving all profits from my etsy shop this month to help Japan.


The doll community has been holding a variety of events - I myself am holding a raffle here -


In France too many things are made

I'm giving this doll pattern for anyone who want to make one for japanese children


Oh I love you all for doing's almost overwhelming, in tears....XO

Tomoko Suzuki

Hi Alicia,
I'm a Japanese house wife enjoying
your blog every day.
I've read your blog this morning
and am so touched and overwhelmed by all these kind and heart-warming bloggers gathering here to help us.
We're all strong and believe we can go on with all the people who are tring to do best as they could. Thank you so much.


Thank you everybody for your great ideas to support Japan!! Thank yuo so much!! LOVE and HUGS from Japanese in California

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