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March 22, 2011


Kristina Strain

That looks del...i...cious. I bet it'd be lovely on top of puff pastry, too, if you had company. But of course, I would imagine most "company" would be thrilled with shrimp-and-asparagus-topped pizza, as well.

Melissa P

That is mouth watering! Excellent job cooking without a recipe. And I love the conversation quoted. Definitely been there many times. :)


LOL! Your dinner conversation cracked me up! The pizza looks delish! Thanks for sharing.


Oh yum Alicia! I have been on an asparagus kick lately, last night asparagus and ham quiche:-) This looks like a must try for our Friday night pizza's.

Susie Sears Taylor

The pizza picture could well be a cookbook cover! It is beautiful. I had sushi for the first time last Sat. night. It contained asparagus and I thought it was very tasty. Something about the green on that pizza......


Oh my gosh, it looks delectable! I absolutely love asparagus and shrimp anyway, but this sounds divine. Definitely going to have to try this soon.

Seanna Lea

I'd take out the shrimp and spritz lemon over it with tiny rounds of thinly sliced radish. That would probably be tasty too!


Wow that's great! Looks totally professional. You can charge an arm and a leg for that. ;)

Natalie VV

A bit... it looks so nom-nom-nom tasty!
Cheers for the chef!


Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely going to try this. I've made your roasted root vegetables soup twice this winter and it's certainly a new favorite so I'm not going to stop following your cooking lead now!!

She Walked Away

I was going to leave you a comment, but I'm drooling all over the keyboard. Maybe I'll comment when I get back from the market.

Teresa Kasner

Alicia.. gorgeous pizza.. nothing better than fresh made bread dough and cheesy stuff baked in a pie! :-)

I have some baby booties to crochet today for a cousins new grandson expected soon in Annapolis! ::looking for the blue CottonTots yarn::

Have a great week! Teresa


Subject: Previous Post (Spring Mantel)

Query: What's the story behind the roses on your fireplace, and did you do it yourself?


MMMM yummy! Homemade pizza. We havn't made one in about a year, perhaps tonight, you have inspired me!

Melissa L.

Marscapone on pizza - genius!

But if I heated my oven to 500 degrees to bake something, all kind of bad scary things would happen


I just to put a link to your blog from my blog because your blog is so wonderful!! I've been looking through it all weekend and you make wonderful things and take great pictures! Is also makes me wonder what connection you have to Sweden. I am Swedish by the way :-)


You can do it! Looks awesome, again, like always. I'm hungry, again, like always when I read about your cooking:)

claire ashworth

haha looks delicious and i love the convo ;)


mmmmmm, girlfriend...that looks sooo yummy and ( nodding my head yes) it does look like enough to share too.


Looks/sounds fresh and delish. It is always more fun to talk with your mouth full. Married or not.
XO, Cheryl


Looks delicious. I love shrimp and asparagus and asparagus is so good for you.


Such a big fan of that cookbook as well! We use the same bread recipe for our pizza night. I believe I bought that cookbook on your recommendation!


first Tess and now pizza experimentation! - wait, are you watching Inception after having fixed your friends' clothes today, too? =)

we covered purchased crust with some slices of fresh mozzarella balls, roasted broccoli, sliced sundried tomatoes, and toasted walnuts.

I think our conversation was along similar lines, too! =)


Such a photogenic pizza! :)

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