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March 21, 2011



Lovely mantle, I love all those pretty gentle colurs. :)
Vivienne x


I love the Gemma Arterton Tess too. My daughter and I had a good old weep on the sofa over that one a couple of weeks ago? She got a pretty angel tattoo to remember the filming of that series.

Seanna Lea

I have neither read the book nor seen the movies, but from the still you've shown it looks beautiful. I cannot remember why I never read any Hardy. I will have to find a copy and try it.


OOOhhhhh! Another movie to put at the top of the ole Netflix queue--THANKS! I just watched Lost in Austen last week (originally a TV miniseries, I believe) about a modern woman who gets stuck in the Pride and Prejudice novel) and it was so much fun, now I am in the mood for more like it!

Natalie VV

A good movie, a good cry... what bliss.


I really love Thomas Hardy and Tess was the first book I ever read of his. I've yet to watch of movie adaptation of that book, though. I do love a tragic Hardy tale.

Alice S

Lovely mantle. I wish I could get mine to look like this.


It's funny, it took me a really long time to warm to Gemma Arterton as Tess, though by the end of the run (I watched it as it aired in the UK) I was won over by her entirely. I think Justine Waddell may still be my favourite Tess, though the overall quality of that production is not nearly so high as the 2008 version.

Hmm. I suppose I'll just have to watch them both again right through to decide!


Tess was perhaps the first 'grown up' book that I read in my early teens and it devastated me for days after I finished it (teenage angst, hormones, what can I say...). I haven't seen the 2008 production but your review definitely makes me rush out and find it. Lovely mantel arrangement. C.x


I read Tess of the D'Urbervilles back in college and it was one of the books that has "stuck" with me the most. I have never seen any of those film versions. Sounds like I'll have to get my hands on that 2008 version.

Oh Tess, poor, poor, Tess. My heart goes out to her.


Ack, funny! I just finished re-doing my mantle too -- this very minute. Finally got the Valentine's Day stuff put away and springy things out. Yours looks perfect -- so tastefully done -- as always!
And I love the 2008 Tess movie too. Although, Thomas Hardy is hard for me to read (& watch) -- so sad & the injustice is so troubling, and sadly, real. Anyway, this is a beautifully made version, isn't it -- so utterly poignant. Reading about it here makes me want to watch it again -- think I will.


My 16 year-old great-niece is a lover of all things Jane Austen, so the 2008 version sounds ideal. I love being able to introduce her to yummy finds such as this. I see a movie night in our future. :)

Also, we've recently moved back into our renovated home (after living away for 14 months) and your mantel is an inspiration to dress the mantel in my sitting room in spring-ish pretties. Thank you!


Loving your mantle. I have a thing for cloches too! Are those vases from my friend Ikea? Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration!

Vicki K

Oh...your mantle is so pretty - it must look wonderful at night with the candles and lights.

My only viewing was the 1979 version and I think I was too young to watch it. The injustice and the part with the ceiling agitated me so much that I haven't been able to approach it again. But you make me want to watch the 2008 version...


Oh I love love love Tess of the d'Ubervilles and now I need to watch all of those movies so badly! I remember the 1979 version with Natassia Kinski quite well.

Thanks for the inspiration!


I love Hardy and remember the beautiful Natassia Kinski version - will have to find the others as well. I love Jude the Obscure as well- is there a film of that?
Love your mantel- it is so fresh and is suggestive of Tess herself.

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Gorgeous post (and mantle) off to order Tess xx


Oh no! What happens to Tess? When one of the romantics (even the fictional ones) suffer heartache I consider it a strike to us all!

Fay V

I loved this adaption of Tess too. I think Gemma was wonderful throughout - she has a lovely mix of sweetness and sexiness that is quite compelling. My Mum lives in Dorset and we are off to see her at Easter -I can't wait to sit beside the beautiful sea there and see the spring flowers. All my family holiday's were spent there as a child, it's very unspoilt. I find Hardy pretty tough - always so sad and full of class resentment. The beauty of the scenery (in film adapations) makes him somehow more bearable as it always lifts the sadness of the story. Thanks for your blog, I love it, Fx


I am going to have to watch the most recent version...any maybe read the book again. In the spirit of honesty, I will say that I read the book once in 8th grade and I thought it was the worst book I'd ever read. I *hated* it. I think part of the intense emotion I felt towards it was because I thought I'd love it. So...I'm thinking now that I'm older I need to give it a revisit - inspired by you! So, thank you!


Nothing like the BBC versions of these classics:-)


Ah Tess. I love Hardy. My second son is named after Gabriel Oak (I tried for Angel Clare, but my hubby was having none of it!)And being a English West Country girl, I completely agree about the gorgeous scenery. How clever to express it all through a mantlepiece :) Laura x


You are so talented with all of the fresh cute little things you do to your home.

I have never read Tess before, but always intended to. So now I shall do just that. I just requested it be sent (for free from Amazon) to my Kindle.


This book is one of my all time faves. I'll have to check out the movie version.


So, maybe I've found my next book! Great post.

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