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    I will break into a run
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    — The Avett Brothers

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February 24, 2011



Beautiful! Thanks.

Mary Beth at Yarn U iPhone app

We're getting some of that snow tonight in Chicago. I'd give my eyeteeth to walk...but soon I will be. Soon!


i love your blog so much. my heart swells so often reading it. this post especially!

Victory Garden Yarn

Oh, I'm so jealous of everyone who got snow! Here in Seattle proper we got the tiniest dusting, it just looked frosty out this morning. Sort of sad really.

But now the sky is trying it's darnedest-the tiniest of flakes are falling from the sky! Perhaps I'll have a magical walk to the post office later myself. ;)


Love it. One of my happiest snow memories is from about 12 years ago... walking in the freshly fallen snow at dark with my little pug. There is nothing quite so peaceful as new snow that lights up the night and crunches under your feet in the quiet parts of the day. Especially when you get to share it with your canine friends.


I wanted to tell you that we got a new puppy and we named her Clover because when I read that your dog had that name I absolutely LOVED it. Our beautiful, 12 year-old, black lab, Daisy passed away in July and it took me a long time to decide that we could get another dog.
Two weeks ago, we found another little black lab and we thought of several names, but none worked quite as well as Clover.
Thank you for the inspiration.

sharon from farm and fru fru matter when or where it snows, it is magical...your pictures and little story are enchanting...

Susan, Tsawwassen BC Canada

I'm jealous. The snow just missed us yesterday!! We live right across the water from Victoria (and literally 10 blocks from Washington state). Victoria got hammered with snow and it carried across over into Washington and just missed us!! Did I say that already?? It's -1C today (colder with the wind chill) but sunny ... supposed to get colder tomorrow ... snow maybe on Saturday. While I am making plans for our garden I would love a walk in the snow before winter's over. I enjoyed my walk this morning with you and Clover.


Beautiful photos - did you use a special lens? They look a little like they were taken using the hipstamatic app as they have a retro feel about them - but that may just be the border making me feel that. Very envious of your snow - I`m a temperate climate girl living in a HOT climate.

Lisa G.

Oh, the simple pleasures of life. I feel that way every year, but in Connecticut we had *way* too much this winter. I'm kind of numb now.


"It felt like we were in a play about snow." So completely perfect. As are these photographs.


You may have cried because:

"All beautiful the march of days, as seasons come and go;
The Hand that shaped the rose hath wrought the crystal of the snow;
Hath sent the hoary frost of Heav’n, the flowing waters sealed,
And laid a silent loveliness on hill and wood and field.

"O’er white expanses sparkling pure the radiant morns unfold;
The solemn splendors of the night burn brighter than the cold;
Life mounts in every throbbing vein, love deepens round the hearth,
And clearer sounds the angel hymn, “Good will to men on earth.”

"O Thou from Whose unfathomed law the year in beauty flows,
Thyself the vision passing by in crystal and in rose,
Day unto day doth utter speech, and night to night proclaim,
In ever changing words of light, the wonder of Thy Name."

Frances W. Wile (1912)


I love so much the way you can see snow--something I've been struggling with since early December, trying to get it all off my car AGAIN, trying to get it all out of the driveway AGAIN, just trying to get to work, for cripes' sake--and make it so lovely, so magical. I see it a new way, now, myself. Thank you for that. :)


There is a teeeensy crumb of a chance it may snow here today, down in the flatlands by the water where it almost never does! I keep staring out the window hoping for a few flakes.
I'm sure people in snowy states are like "yeah, whatever" but it's so exciting and fun when it's rare.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Alicia, love the snow story and imagining you and Clover walking through the early morning. I posted some neat photos of the snow out in Corbett, hope you hop over and take a look.

So pretty, isn't it?

Jennifer Robin

There's something so magical about snow. Ours is coming down in big, fat, swan feather flakes right now. Dreamy and beautiful, like your pictures!

Seanna Lea

Thank you for reminding me of why I love the snow. I get so nervous about falling and hurting myself that I've lost a lot of the joy that the quiet snowfall can bring.


I agree about this beautiful snowy morning. I was up early too with the curtains wide open enjoying the transformation outside. So quiet and lovely -- went for a walk too but it was a little later. Our little dog can't handle all the snow around his tummy!

Laura J.

I think you have a tender heart and a wonderful appreciation for beauty.


*sigh* I wish I lived where it snowed even if it hardly happened. Such beautiful photos and imagery. Thank you.


Beautiful post. I love the silence of snow. It is like the whole world is whispering. I, on the other hand, was brushing off the car so I could drive to work. Your walk sounds like a much better start to the day!


thank you xo

Alicia P.

@musicman: Yep. That was why. Thank you for that.


I love that you went for a walk! I took pictures before anyone drove on "my" snow, but then I went back to bed. I'm right across the river from you- in Hazel Dell. We got about 3.5 inches. My little dog loved playing in the yard, but it is mostly melted now.
Thanks for the lovely pictures!

She Walked Away

Sweet! I used to love to walk Olive at 2 or 3 in the morning after a heavy snow. The quiet was almost musical.

Here in the Midwest, I am dreading the snow predicted over the weekend. It's been a rough winter - your post reminds me what there still is to love about snow.

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