Table for Two

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Andy has the day off today — joy! — so we are going to make our go-to romantic dinner, Rozale Lasagnas. That's what we call our version (named after our old apartment building in Missoula, where we first made these together for Valentine's Day 1996) of these. There's nothing else to do today but that. How I dearly love cooking-together days. The perfect Valentine, really.

Wishing you a day filled with love! xoxo


looks like .. a wonderful tradition.

Happy Valentines Day :) How you guys have a wonderful and romantic dinner!!

Oh the table looks so inviting and the lasagnas delicous! Can you set a place for me:-)

What gorgeous flowers. Have a wonderful evening!

I'm spending the day with my little boy. We made heart-shaped sugar cookies, and I let him eat as many as he wanted (well, as many as he could steal off the table).

Aw, you guys! Thank you for the sweet recipe.

Happy Valentine's Day. xo

Such a lovely, and yummy!, tradition.
Very happy Valentine's to you. :)

Julie G. in Iowa says: February 14, 2011 at 12:34 PM

Sooo cute! (And so are both of you!)
Happy Valentine's Day xoxoxo

happy hearts two are the sweetest pair of lovies...thanks for the inspiration xoxo

I will be making lasagna this week, so maybe I'll try yours. It does look like it could be an improvement on mine, more flavour, wine, chicken broth, more sausages, spinach. But maybe I'll also keep the ricotta.
Happy Valentines Day. (I make chocolate date nut bread. It's a tradition).

Happy V-day Alicia and Andy! Beautiful table and yummy dinner you have planned. I have my table all set too! Julia Child's French veggie soup with basil pesto and warm paninis with smoked turkey, green apple and brie is our menu tonight. Vanilla bean gelato with raspberry sauce for dessert.

Have a lovely, fun day you two! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Sounds delicious and a nice change from the red sauced kind! Again, Happy Valentine's Day! Consider yourself hugged (long distance)!

Very sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

Sigh. The table looks lovely and I hope you guys have so much fun today. We've got gorgeous weather down here (Alabama) today after weeks of cold/snow/rain and I'm wishing I was spending the day at home with my hubby as well :)

How sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! My brownies just came out of the oven and we shopped together at our favorite little bistro for dinner tonight. Love is in the air!

Mary Ann in Vermont says: February 14, 2011 at 01:09 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!

I saw the Avett Brothers on the Grammy's last night and I thought of you the whole time. Did you see them?

Your table is as sweet as sweet can be!

I too adore simplicity when it comes to Valentine's Day. We will share an intimate meal tonight by candlelight. A favorite meal of steak and baked potato followed by homemade chocolate truffles. I wouldn't want it any other way. Enjoy your day and evening together.

Happy Valentines to you both also. :)

Happy Valentine's Day you two lovebirds. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Happy Valentines Day, have a really lovely evening. :)
Beautiful glasses, by the way!
Vivienne x

I'm Rosalie! Hope it was a great day.

Rose in Oz

Those goblets are so beautiful! We are having manicotti and homemade chocolate pudding tonight!

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