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February 15, 2011


Jodi Anderson

If you please, I would love some details about the salt and pepper shakers. Simple and lovely.

I am always begging people to play Scrabble with me. I adore it so.


looks like you had a beautiful evening. milk is good. xo


That is so pretty and wonderful. But the milk is cracking me up! I's just so sweet and wholesome! I love it!

MB at Yarn U iPhone app

Nice evening...I didn't have milk last night but I could use it. Next time!

sharon from farm and fru fru

us dairy farmers appreciate your milk drinking.....when you start with milk, you KNOW you are going to have a lovely evening, and as cute as y'all are, i know it was just that!

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Lovely post! Looks like a lovely evening and that lasagne looks yummy :)

Seanna Lea

Yeah, scrabble! It's one of my favorite games (along with Quickword, Boggle and Quiddler).

Natalie VV

Love that.
This has all the makings of a wonderful evening.
Alicia... you are dear. Thank you.


Mmmmm, milk with lasagna -- sounds perfect! Reminds me of "Return to Me" -- remember Bonnie Hunt's dad who always has milk with his Italian food ;)? And yes, I do relate everything to movies ;).


Oh, I do love me a game of Scrabble and nothing beats the real deal.

krista - Poppyprint

analog version. hehe. We played on Sunday night. We laughed b/c we talk about how much we love playing, but then the entire time we are actually playing, we complain about our crappy letters, the crappy board and how SIL always gets the triples.


My relationship with my husband almost ended over a game of Scrabble. This was 25 years ago, and we'd only been dating a few months. Not playing Scrabble keeps us together! Now he plays with our daughter, which is unbearably cute. Our son can't spell to save his life.


Lasagna and milk - perfect! People just don't seem to understand their perfect pairing! And pizza...milk and pizza, superb.
I am needing some of that lasagna, it looks delicious!


XOXOXO... how did the two cutest people find eachother?


What a sweet day!! I LOVE your photos!

I am with you on the milk with dinner ...:) It is good for you, and it tastes good!


This is so charming! Your pictures are gorgeous and your evening sounds just perfect :)


Love your table setting! Your scrabble board reminds me of the one my grandparents had - We always play at any family get togethers.


Would love to see your lasagna recipe! Looks great!


oh it turned out so pretty!!!

jolie @ joeycake

you guys are the cutest:)

we had dinner at home too and halfway through we started hearing FIREWORKS outside!!! they were from Universal Studios but David was trying to take credit:)



Pretty much perfect!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Alicia, looks like a great Valentines evening. Hubby made us grilled filet mignon, baked potatoes with Uncle Dan's on top and steamed asparagus.. I put pix on my blog too.

I'm a Scrabble-aholic, but I play online on Facebook... I love it as it does the scoring for you. Hubby and I play each other on our laptops.. LOL

Have a great week! Teresa in the gorge


Scrabble is still my all-time favorite game!
Your lasagna looks wonderful - and I've never tried it with milk, but will next time I make it!


Lovely dinner! And with a man who knits.

Jenny L

I love milk with pasta dishes! I've done that for as long as I can remember. Everyone thinks I'm so odd, but man I can't think of anything I'd rather have with a steaming dish of ravioli.

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