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February 25, 2011



How perfectly pretty and appropriate for a silvery day. I love it.


It's a beautiful little dress, full of hope and joy to come. Maybe someday the lucky little girl who wears that dress will grow up wanting to knit, just like her mama.


what a beautiful little dress! and, um, i hate to break it to you? but really. alicia. YOU KNOW HOW TO KNIT!! :-)


You seriously put everyone to shame. You have magic hands. :)


beautiful little dress!

Vicki K

This is an Amazing Dress from amongst all your amazing little dresses! It looks so much like your snowy day.

Jess [tenpenny splendid]

That is such a beautiful, snowy little dress! I never mind when the sky is gray as long as it's snowing. I know we're not even out of winter yet but I already miss the snow! Especially because it's currently pouring outside here in Philadelphia.


I read faithfully, but don't say much. When I pulled this up, I said, "ohhhh! ohhhhhhhh!" and I thought you should know that. This is an astonishing dress. Beautiful in every way.


It is adorable, love it!

Jodi Anderson

So, right at the end of reading that, my eyes welled with tears a bit. As I type this, there is a lump in my throat and my nose stings, like when, you know, you're trying to be brave.

But, it's all from your most-imminent happiness!! xo


It's so gorgeous I could cry...literally! You are amazing...and she will be amazing! And your whole kit and kaboodle make me sigh and laugh and feel so blessed whenever I stop in... thank you all!

Well, again, all your creations are beautiful beyond words (OMG THE BONNET!) But! Simply can not get over this one.
love, Amy


I'm so jealous you got snow! I'm just east of Vancouver BC, and we got nothing, even though our capital (Victoria) got slammed.

I LOVE the dress. It has a beautiful heirloom feel, and the fact you struggled but won out in the end makes it even more special.


They have all been beautiful but this one brought an audible gasp upon site, sooo dreamy. After a quick look at your comments it appears I wasn't the only one!


My, oh my, you really expressed what so many feel about finding difficult things in life and not shying away from the task. You've knitted a beautiful work of art here and should be so proud. Now I'm off to see the pattern and pick a color for myself to knit one of these up too. My heartiest congratulations to you. Onward toward another goal.

yvette / overanalyzer on rav

This is BREATHTAKINGLY gorgeous. How many skeins?


such an amazingly beautiful dress, i really need to knit one for the little girl in my life x


Gorgeous dress! That's another must knit. My granddaughter would like it.
I am enjoying the snow also.


Wow, this dress is absolutely divine. I love it in this gray. And it *would* make a stunning adult dress, too. Not sure I've ever fallen in love with a knitted something quite as much as I've fallen in love with this pattern!


So if this pattern comes as a kit only how did you get it? It is gorgeous


beautiful dress.
beautiful words.

Elizabeth Mackey

I know what you mean about not considering your self as a knitter etc. I do it all the time, and I constantly get people telling me I'm crazy. I'm not a knitter, but a sewer, and embroiderer. I always assume other people are better, and my things aren't so special. At 48 years old I still battle it. I'm breaking free of it though and opening up an etsy shop very soon. I'm working hard at to finish the pieces, and still, trying to not listen to that little devil on my shoulder telling me it won't be good.

I can't wait to see a little girl in the dress you knitted!! That is one pretty gorgeous dress Alicia!!!!


That dress is stunning & so beautifully knit.


That is the most precious little thing I've ever seen. Just adorable.

Kelly Johnston


Mary Beth at Yarn U iPhone app

I feel at times I don't know how to knit, although some of it complicated. For me, I went from "You can do that? Wow, you're so cool." to "Oh, I can do that..and I thought that was hard." What was I thinking?

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