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February 11, 2011



i know that you know how lucky you are. both of you. lucky ducks...what a sweet life. love to you both xo

Victory Garden Yarn

It just worked on me! I'm actually still recovering from 'the cute' of the last post...I should teach boyfriend how to knit. But only because I think it would be so darned entertaining! ;)


What a sweet love! He hasn't knitted that ottoman too, by any chance, has he? LOL


I'm not a knitter (yet...going to solve that problem this summer) but this description totally cracks me up!

Kaye Prince

Haha, that's awesome! I love that Andy just goes for it and doesn't obsess the way some knitters (*ahem* me *ahem*) do! I'm trying to convince Alex that he needs to learn how to knit and I think I've almost got him roped in - we'll see!


the giant goofy smile on my face right now is a clear giveaway to everyone in this office that i'm not working! y'all are too sweet!

Susan M.

I was thinking a video of this would be so entertaining. But, then again your description was hilarious and we didn't have to listen to any bad language. I'd would like to hear his take on you knitting... fairs fair.:)

Ana Reyes

Wonderful! I'm not a knitter (yet!) I started crocheting a couple of years ago. (I'm still a beginner)
What do I think about a man knitting? SEXY! That's what I think... ;)
You are lucky!
Congratulations for both of you.
Regards from Spain


He's undercover knitting out of a briefcase, killing needles like The Incredible Hulk. The endless.

Monica  Lee

This is so funny! I knit like Andy but NOTHING turns out! I just thought I would whip up a hat recently and it was so big it rested on my shoulders! It is so unfair, he probably could lose 10 lbs by skipping out on a afternoon cookies too! Men!


Laughing, crying, melting. You guys and your critters are just! too! much!


adorable!!! My husband is like that...I so want to learn how to knit....maybe someday....but a couple of years ago, I had this sudden urge to learn the art og crochet, had bought the softest yarn, needle and book with super easy instructions and pic's.....propped up in my chair, music on, coffee cup beside me and everything else in my reach...just could not get my crochet to look anything like in the book.....struggle for two hours, my husband comes home, takes look at the intructions, picks up the needle and yarn and.....starts to crochet!!!!!!!! Well, I furiously throw the hole thing in a basket and there it sits.Until's slowly working out for me....husband is forbidden anywhere near my basket...Have a great weekend;)

Emerald Hills

At least he is trying. LOL I would seriously get him some metal ones (that won't bend easy), or he might get splinters badly.

Cute though

Vicki K

Since this seems to be a full contact sport for Andy, maybe he should Just Try some skacel addi Turbo needles... I know bamboo is a renewable resource and all but there are all those trips to the store to replenish the stock of needles. The sleek metal would help with the Boa Constrictor Gauge and "turbo" is a super manly name. Come on, Turbo!!

Maria S.

I just have to say that you two are over-the-top cute!! The love & respect you have for each other sparkles off the screen and is both touching and oh so much fun to read! Maybe the word I'm looking for here is - Enchanting! And Clover - It's so sweet the way you describe her. Thank you for sharing your lovely life!


Can we clone this guy? What a sweet treasure!


This is an absolute hoot! My husband is NOT a knitter, but he can bring me to hysterical laughter whenever he mimes the motions of knitting. Oh boys...

I was inspired by you to come up with my own winter mix of tunes using Grooveshark! Great fun.

sharon from farm and fru fru

you got one funny guy there...whatever works right?!

Emily just gets better. Thanks for painting this picture, totally made my day!

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Brilliant post....made me laugh! x


SO cute.:)
Needle manufacturers are going to love him though! ;)
Vivienne x

Deb Cory



I loved his egg yesterday, and his turn at the computer. I feel for him. I vacillate between too tight and loosey goosey. I also have broken a few sock needles in my time. They are just so small, and if I must be truthful, I have man hands

Judy in Montreal

My dad once demonstrated for us how he as a six-year-old in school, knitted a washcloth that was to be sent overseas. This was during WW1 and his school was doing its bit for the boys in uniform. The gauge he used was the one where you scrunch one eye closed, keep the tip of your tongue out of the corner of your mouth and scra-a-a-pe the stitch off the needle. I laughed then and I'm laughing now. Love you guys

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