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January 11, 2011



This is one of my favorite cakes! I've had this pan for years... I really do swear by the original almond version. I have better results when I mix it by hand. If I use the mixer, it beats too much air into it.

Amy Kortuem

A Scandinavian friend gave me this pan and recipe a few years ago, and I love it. I've never made the lemon recipe,'s snowy and cold here in Minnesota so tonight might be the night to "recipe test."

I NEED TO see that Carl Larsson tray - I haven't been able to find a tray to hold this cake EVER. Because it's such a spectacularly shaped cake, you can't just whack it in half and plop it on any old square tray.

Alicia P.

Amy, I will try to find the tray on line. I think it came from the same place. . . .


Beat by hand. Got it.. Yummm!!!


You have no idea how much I want lemon cake now.


I am loving these photos...simple and warm. familiar like my childhood photo album. cake looks dang good too!

Melissa P

Delish! I would be "practicing" with that recipe too, I think.


I've been using Hipstamatic photos for my blog too - for the same reasons. It looks like we like the same "film."

Seanna Lea

mmm. lemons...

My husband and some of my friends don't get that I like making my birthday cake each year. This year I made the Caramel Cake from smitten kitchen and I was nearly swooning from happiness!

Alicia P.

Okay, here are some trays that are similar (though mine has a different image -- can't find it on the Pipka's site though):


Have you ever made Ina's Lemon Pound Cake? (She also has a recipe for an Orange Pound Cake which is my favorite). I have a pan that is similar to yours that I found at Ikea last year. It is much longer and skinnier than a loaf pan and it is RED! I use it when I make banana bread and it makes the PERFECT sized slices. Happy Baking!

Natalie VV

Gee whiz... I had no idea that I need a pan, more recipes, an iPhone, pretty cake trays! And cake too, of course! Thank you... and now I am off on a link journey!

Natalie VV

Ahk! It's round on the bottom!
I just followed your links, and now I am more smitten than ever!
Such pretties. Such charm. Such an ache it gives me to play, bake, and pretend I am a smidge-bit Swedish.
Thank you Alicia.


That cake looks delightful! Do you read Cook's Country? Their latest issue (Feb/March) has a recipe for a ginger wafer cookie called Fairy Gingerbread. It looks like something you would like!


Cake sounds perfect and I'm heading to the site NOW! I'm not usually a fan of baking, but I'm trying and this sounds darned good! Thanks.

If you have an IPhone 4 you CAN zoom - just tap the screen and slide the bar to zoom and if you have a 3Gs just extend your arms ;-) (I'm cracking myself up)


Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!!! :) Alicia, you are such the Baker!! A girl after my own heart...:)

I am lovin' your new iphone too!! Great photos! Although, I DO LOVE your photos you have been taking all along with your other camera too!

At first when I was viewing these I thought your counter-top had miniature tiles. Then I realized it was the cooling rack on top of your counter. Very cool photos!! I have been playing with some of my camera photos (when I have time) in the Picnik program (the free features). It is very fun, and very addicting!! :)


Thanks for sharing the Carl Larsson link. I love his art!! The trays are so sweet!!! :) I will be keeping these in mind for future gifts, and for my own wish list!

Kathleen Loughran

I probably shouldn't tell you this if you haven't found it that is but Photoshop has a free app for the iPhone. Love it.


I have some fresh lemons waiting to be used, however no fancy pan. I think my daughter and I are going to have to make some of this today. Right now, in fact !


Oh, be still my heart! Lemon cake is my favorite!


A work friend made this cake (almond version) for DH for his bday and sent a brand new pan home with him so I could make him more! I guess I better try it now that I have your recommendation, too! It looks and sounds delicious, in all it's variations =-)


Yum lemon cake - just the right thing to eat for breakfast right?! :)

Jodi Anderson

Hey, yo, I'm in Wisconsin too. :)

I hope that your camera and your knitting is almost home to you. I honestly don't know which I would miss more, my camera or my crochet projects.


Too funny, I have that same pan, and my MIL makes that almond cake in hers--it's become a tradition for baby and bridal showers and christenings. My husband's maternal grandmother had a summer cabin on Washington Island, WI (which is in Door County, I believe), and DH's family went up every summer for a couple weeks. A couple years ago, right before she died, Grandmama bought one of those pans for each of her grandkids/their spouses. I don't use it often, but whenever I see it in the cabinet I think of her and smile.


oh, alicia. don't tempt me. lemon cake is my husband's favorite and his birthday is next month...

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