Curry Vest

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PATTERN: Plain Vest by Anna and Heidi Pickles
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Galway Highland Heather in color #756

Oooo, I have a bunch of finished knitted things around here. It's taking soooo long for things that are blocking to dry. Winter-time. I'd say four or five or even six days on the blocking board before they are ready. Smells like a wet barn. Clover's ears flicker. Is there something to herd?

I have been knitting a lot lot. I should get back to work, I know. I learned a long time ago to just kind of let January go. Even if I had an idea, I'd probably mess it up, somehow. I give myself a break these days. I didn't used to, but I do now. I do have two ideas, actually. One for a little hat and one for an embroidered alphabet sampler. But neither of them are knitted. Can I knit the taxes? 'Cause that's what I really need to be working on. But that's not fun.

The Curry Vest came off the needles in a day. That's probably nuts. I just have about, oh, four or five million things I want to make. That's all. Andy and I have been lucky enough to have a few weekends where we just sit around, watch movies, chop wood (him) and stoke the fire (me), make things to eat (both), knit (both — yep, he knits too), play Oregon Trail (not as good as the original, but still fun) and Words with Friends, and pet the pets. I said, "This is a lot like college. Just with better food and more animals. And a nice fireplace. Oh, and cable. And no homework."

I think we have all been kind of tired. It is so unusual not to have things outside the house lined up to do, but we haven't lately. So nice to not be careening from one place to another for a bit. I'm starting to feel very partial to January after all. This ain't bad.

Oh — question: Anyone have a recommendation for adult historical pioneer fiction (other than Little House on the Prairie — already read it)? Preferably a long book or a series of books?


This past weekend was the first weekend since the beginning of December where we didn't have weekend plans. It was so wonderful to just be able to stay home and sit and knit or read or cook without feeling like the clock was running away from me, so I think your January is perfect. Peaceful and calming, to fortify you for the busy months to come.

so jealous. on a number of levels! that curry vest is so cute. and i like your january better than mine!

I really like the way this post is written, and also - CAN the taxes be knit? Because that would be so nice!

cute! your descriptions always sound so... cozy. and andy knits?!? jealous.

btw, i highly recommend checking out the mini countertop spin dryer (laundry alternative) if you're washing lots of woolens and don't like wet wool smell for days and days. i have one and it's really gentle on my hand-knit sweaters. whereas they used to take days to dry in our wet pdx winters, now they are usually dry within 24 hours.

You are a knitting machine -- in the most wonderful way ;)! Love all the gorgeous things you're turning out during this dreary month of January. I love what you say about allowing yourself a break this month -- wise woman. I think we all need that -- hibernation, rest . . .
And knitting taxes -- so funny -- if only!

Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show us what Andy has been knitting!!! My Uncle was the knitter in our family and he made some beautiful sweaters that lasted for years and through generations of kids. Tell Andy not to be shy. We want to see!
PS A picture of him knitting would be nice too! You two together would be better. Have Clover take it! :)

"Is there something to herd?"

I always find January to be a home-month, a house-month, a thinking-month, and... you get the idea. I make a lot of lists and I do a few of those things. So far, I've crocheted a lot, including an afghan, and I've felted an owl and a rabbit. Like you, I've made a lot of soup.

Maybe it's totally a nesting-month.

I am not surprised, but oh-so TICKLED!, that you named this vest Curry. Pretty and tasty. :)

The vest is sooo cute. How dooo you do it? I'm still working on Winter in Portland. I'm trying your curry chicken on Saturday. Not sure what the kid'll think but sometimes you need to just cook for yourself. Otherwise my diet would consist almost entirely of buttered noodles! Happy January!

You do January right!
Oregon Trail? The one where you plan your covered wagon trip, then see what fate has in store for your pioneering party?
We played this when I was homeschooling my boys, combined with good books, it was a fun learning tool. Our lessons moved on to new subjects, but my guys still enjoyed playing Oregon Trail. Their favorite scenario involved picking a crew of old men and small children, then loading the wagon with candy, liquor, and firearms. It did not end well, but was surprisingly more successful than one might expect.

Adorable vest, and also the image of you and Andy knitting together in front of a fire. Made your easy potato chowder last night - a fav with my kids. And last week's suggestion of curried sweet potato soup and biscuits YUM!!!

Love the idea of taxes being knit! I love all these little sweaters, too. Am I the only one who wishes they had these things in adult sizes? Or maybe its the smallness that just adds to the cuteness!

so smart to let january go! it is tough to jump in to... & hooray for no homework! :)

It sounds like the Paulsons are having the perfect January. I've made 3 batches of the butternut squash soup since your post - it's so delicious and such a gorgeous color. Reminds me of this wonderful bulky little vest. I'm looking forward to seeing the other projects once they get off the blocking board. What sorts of items does Andy knit?

Heidi Pickles, what an awesome name! It just makes me smile :) Enjoying a similar January as you. At first I was chiding myself for being unmotivated, but you have made me feel better. Thanks Alicia . . .

Natalie, that's the one! Except I don't seem to be able to fill the wagon with candy (or I would), just bear meat and such. Rats.

Eh, I don't think the vest off the needles in a day sounds crazy--it looks to be a manageable size, and most definitely manageable stitches. Cute, cute, cute. Your child is going to be the best dressed in Portland. Maybe on the entire West Coast.

this is a scrumptious color--i love earthtones, but not the 70s--and it caused me to wonder, where are you guys in the adoption process? if you want to maintain your privacy and not post a word about this, that's cool. just wonderin'...

btw, thanks for the suggestion to roast veggies. Oh.My.Word. roasted an entire butternut squash--3 lbs.--and could hardly keep myself from eating it all right off the stoneware! going back to the gorcery for MORE!

These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 Arizona Territories (by Nancy E. Turner

Fiction; not a series but absolutely wonderful

You should try "A Parchment of Leaves" by Silas House. It's so good. More like early 1900's but very "farmy" and so so good. It's beautiful really.

Megan Rosemary says: January 25, 2011 at 10:46 AM

First time commenting, but I had to ask. Have you read Ivan Doig's Montana trilogy about the McCaskill family? It is absolutely spectacular.

I think knitting the taxes is a brilliant idea. There should be an additional deduction if you're able to pull it off. Would love to see some of Andy's knitting too! Molly (my corgi) says hey to Clover.

January is a great month for knitting and getting cozy.

As far as adult pioneer books go, have you read any Willa Cather? O Pioneers and My Antonia are both great. Pat Murphy's books Wild Angel and Nadya are both good, each one involves wolves in a fantastical way, so not entirely authentic to the time period, but very enjoyable reads.

Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? Historical fiction it is not pioneer but an adventure well worth the 7 books in the series. I am on book 5 and not sure what I am going to do when I am done.I never want them to end, it is such a take me away incredible read!

How sweet. :-) Love seeing all your projects. I have been knitting lots too. Have you ever read any of Willa Cather's books?

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