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December 13, 2010



Your home is so charming ~ I just love it!


I like those Scandanavian colors, too....and there are 1,001 reasons to love IKEA. :-) It's very light and pretty, but also personal and wonder your whole body sings. Well done!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love the new look! Just wonderful! It's amazing how adding a new piece and changing the paint can make a place look totally different! We have a very similar entertainment center from Ikea and love it! Enjoy your new look and the Holidays!


Your home is so inviting! I was wondering where you purchased the old looking fireplace/stove/heater? It would be so wonderful to have in my home as well!


Just one word-- LOVELY!! I looked at your post very quickly, and once I realized what it was about, I decided to save it to peruse in great detail over the weekend once my house is all set up and cleaned for Christmas. It will be a little "reward" for me. If I saw this spread in a magazine, it would be one that I would earmark and go back to time and gain, seeing new details each time. Enjoy your lovely home... it is such an inspiration to us!!


Your home is truely lovely!!
It's great that you can read fake Swedish! ;)
Vivienne x


Oh it's beautiful. So inspiring. I've been considering gray for a while but have been afraid to take the plunge. I love country swedish but can't seem to get from magazine to home. Thank you for showing us how!


WOW what an transformation! I love it - everything feels really comfortable, warm and inviting. I could just stare at these pictures all day.

melissa wood

dear alicia,
I've been a fan of your blog for--GASP!--over four years?! I stumbled upon your blog in Hawaii on a Christmas vacation with my family in 2006 as I was looking for stocking ideas. ------I've been hooked since.

I love your blog.
I love the way you decorate.
I love the way you write.
And overall, I'm a big fan.
Thanks for letting us random readers be a part of it all.

I promise I'm not a creeper-peeper! Just a fan who appreciates your beautiful little corner of the world.

Thanks. Your house is just lovely. Oh, and Merry Christmas.
best wishes,


Looks very clean and organized. No wonder you feel good about it!


Your living and dining room are so cozy and charming and just dear. They look every bit of what a home should be...the kind of rooms I could sit down in and never want to leave. I think your color selections are wonderful too. I love the gray+white+little pops of red. So pretty!

Seanna Lea

I love your home. Some of those design choices are desperately needed in my home, so I might be lifting some ideas for my own home improvement projects.


It looks so beautiful and charming, Alicia! Great job with the new paint, furnishings and re-arrange! I recently applied gray to our walls as well. LOVE it!

Samantha Martz

Everthing looks so lovely! A perfect mixture of cheerful and comfortable.


So homey and comfortable and has a happy feel about it. Nice work!!


How nice of him to drop you off at Ikea, I had to giggle when you said you fake read the Swedish book. Your house is lovely, it looks so calm and peaceful. I'm having fun planning a trip to Oregon in a few weeks, haven't been there since I was in college.


Alicia Paulson, may I move into your home? just kidding... well, half kidding...

:D Been following your blog since I married I think (five years ago... maybe just four years ago, when my girl was born...) and I love everything you do

I'm saving up to buy your embroidery book. I really want it! let's see if next year I can buy it!


you've done such a nice job...everything looks so fresh and pretty....ahhh now time to enjoy the holiday season!



I'm curious about your little wood stove it electric, and where would I find one??


Your home looks so sweet and cozy!



I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Your house looks like warm milk and cookies feels. I LOVE it.

May I ask where you bought your oval braided rug? I'm looking for something similar under our dining table.

birdie blue

just lovely, alicia. it looks so pulled together. love the gingham curtains.


Natalie VV

I love your home... like a fake Ikea living room, but with REAL charm and warmth.
We've moved so many times, our furnishings are eclectic, some good, some bad... things change and needs change, and sometimes something new is necessary, right? I feel like a lot of what we have was meant for other places. But recently we bought a Hemnes case and book shelves for our landing upstairs, and they make so happy! They were purposely chosen for that spot, and they have created a favorite space in our home. Nothing short of winning *the lottery for people who do not play the lottery* will get me everything just the way I can imagine it. I guess we have to enjoy the journey, and gazing at what you have achieved is fun.

Alice S

I am just in awe. Everything seems to go together perfectly. I feel relaxed just looking through your photos.


It all looks so warm, inviting and so, Alicia Paulson. Boy, if I didn't have an ongoing relationship with my mechanic, I'd switch to one close to Ikea! <3

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