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November 17, 2010


Susan M.

Just beautiful! "Heather".


Call it "Alicia". I want every sweater you make in an adult size!!!


It's a beautiful sweater. The color reminds me of the sea and a stormy sky--but in a good way, like when you're snuggly in your house with a cup of cocoa as the thunder rumbles, just getting ready to rain. Sorry...ranting. :)
What about little pearl buttons? I think that would look very pretty.

Mary Beth at ✄ Fabric U ✄ iPhone app

No idea what to call. I'm with you on an adult version...btw, the link says the pattern is 1970 not 1960. Still very cute in any event.

Kristina Strain

Ooh, so sweet! I haven't taken up knitting (yet!) but if I do, it'll be your fault. Can't wait to see your re-arranged house.


Alicia,,,,gorgeous little jumper, very informative info on blocking, sweet darn pets and all.....BUT PLEASE SHOW US THE GRANNY BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You never did show it all finished, and frankly these pictures today are plain mean and teasing for a hooky addict like me. Now REVEAL ALL PLEASE (pretty please) mwah xxxxxxxxxxx


What about "Changing Days Cardigan"? It fits the remodeling during which you made it, the time of year during which you made it, and the preparation and anticipation time for/before baby. It's beautiful!


To me it looks like an "Annabelle Lee". It's exquisite.

Susie Sears Taylor

Call it "Sweet Snuggle Bunny".

Jodi Anderson

If it was a little bit bigger (okay, A LOT BIGGER), I would like if you called it... Jodi's sweater. :)


I don't think I ever comment but I decided that this is my favorite blog so that I really should. I just ordered this pattern after seeing your sweater. I have a baby boy and am pregnant with number two. I don't know if it is a boy or girl yet but I had to have this pattern. And I have now added a blocking board to my Christmas list. I haven't knitted anything that needed blocking but I will. I love your blog and your books. I can't wait for more pictures of your newly arranged and painted home.


your pets are so cute together. Sweater is lovely. x


The sweater looks like "Winter rain" - maybe that is just on my mind lately cause of the weather here.

I have to say I agree with Lucy@attic24 - that granny squares blanket you made inspired me to make one (and learn how to crochet) and I would love to know how many squares big it is :)


I'm not a knitter so this was all new to me and so interesting. Your pets are so gorgeous snuggling together.

Shelley Noble

"Pure Bliss"

Seanna Lea

Very cute. I think cables are my absolute favorite thing to knit!


I can't comment on the knitting, but I always love pets snuggled up on quilts. :) So sweet, indeed.


Again, a request for this sweater in size 300-some-odd months, please.

And the sweater feels very ice skate-y to me...maybe "The Skating Pond", "Figure 8" or "Ice Blanket" cardigan?


can we see a dry picture when it's done?


Great tutorial. I hear all of this stuff about blocking but I have never seen it in action. Thanks!
Peace, Angela

PS Glad to hear things are almost back to normal.


It's a lovely sweater - reminds me of Anne of Green Gables!


What a lovely cardigan! Can't wait to see it in a grown up version.
I vote in favour of Allison's proposition, i.e. "Changing Days Cardigan".


What a beautiful sweater! This just may be the inspiration to get over my fear of cables. The color and style look elvish to me. How about Arwen?


How about "Bluebell Sweater", or have you already used that one!
Sweetest animals! :)
Vivienne x


THAT is the cutest sweater ever. Ever!

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