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October 26, 2010


Emily S

Lasagna is a very difficult food to photograph, but you made it look incredibly delicious. Yum!


The short ribs are a different thing. They must really add to the flavor. I'll have to try it sometime.

Monica Eisenberg

I am not a Portlander (sniff...) so I can't advice you on where to go for a walk but my husband and I went to Oregon in September for ten days and totally fell in love with it. I can see how one would have a hard time deciding where to go and what to see because there is sooooo much that is gorgeous, lovely, breathtaking, fun, yummy, interesting, different, and just totally awesome. We loved it in spite of the weather (got lots of fog and rain starting on day 4 of the vacation) but managed to take lost of great pictures. We'd love to go back.


I had 2 children (would have been 3 but one is in school) and a hungry husband standing over my shoulder praying that you put the sauce recipe on here. When I scrolled down and they saw it - dancing began - literally.

I guess I know what I will be making this week :)!!!!


That looks so good. Lasagna and meatballs -- what a perfect combination. (This from a vegetarian. Shhh.)

The Hungarican Chick

Fleetwood Mac Rumours is still one of my all-time favourite albums. And that scent of garlic and onions... it is a time warp. So true.

She's Thrifty

Looks wonderful!

Shelley (Pink House)

If the rains lets up at all, I'd head to Tyron State Park in Lake Oswego for a walk. Wonderful bark trails through the woods. Towering pine trees overhead. Damp air. Moss and ferns. So refreshing!
Love your lasagna. Sounds perfect for a fall day.

samantha hall

That photo looks delicious and I cannot wait to try your recipe. your post reminded me that I was going to make lasagna tonight and to take the ground turkey out. so thanks!

Jenny Hillman

Woohoo! New recipes from Everyday Food AND Paulson Place before I go grocery shopping tomorrow! Yes! This week is working out fantastically...oh, and guess what?! I spoke to Seth Avett on the phone yesterday when a dear friend spotted him going into Lunchbox Records in Charlotte. Eeeek!
Hugs - Jenny


I don't comment often, but I had to on this one. There are a few things that also bring me back home: pb rice krispies with chocolate and butterscotch on top (the smell of that topping melting is what gets me), acoustic versions of a few oddball songs ("the last unicorn"), and ring of a top-ringing silver bell (my parents owned a restaurant.)

As an adoptive mom, I think of you and your husband often. I hope it's one of the lights at the end of a tunnel. The wait is so very hard. Life is good though and you will look back to this side of the wait later on and see growth and purpose in it. The process there, though, just seems to take forever, lol. Hoping next year's felt cutting photos have little toes, lovies, and pigtails in the background :)

alana r

Ooh, the meatballs look good!
As for walks, my favorites are in this order: Tryon, Forest Park, (and a bit out of town) Champoeg


Reading this at 10 am and getting hungry for lasagna! Looks and sounds delicious! You have such a wonderful gift of language--you are able to allow readers to feel, smell, taste whatever you are describing. In answer to your "walk" question, I live next to Mt. Tabor Park, and my dogs and I love to walk through the park daily. It's particularly beautiful at this time of year; you can see the seasons changing throughout the park and the city from the various views offered. Watch for the sun breaks in today's rain, and you may even avoid getting wet!

Katie Christian

I think milk goes with EVERYTHING. Especially saucy italian food. Mmmmm milk indeed!


The windy city is living up to its name today. It smells like wet leaves!
I'm going to try this for Sunday dinner in two weeks because this weekend is Halloween. Thanks for a great new recipe!


Haha! I love drinking milk. It's still my standard drink with breakfast and dinner. Actually, one of the great things about moving to the Netherlands is that it's not at all weird here as everyone still drinks milk as adults.


Having been an adult for one day (just turned 21) I will defend you and say I love milk too! Always at breakfast and almost always at dinner. Can't live without it.


Your post was soo timely .. I've been dying for Lasagna .. but first I have to get over the fact that lasagna noodles don't have ruffles in Europe ( - what's up with that? ).

You're comment about the glass of milk made me laugh. I am not a milk drinker .. unless it's with brownies or ... lasagna ...


Yes, yes, yes to ice-cold milk!! Now as a former dairy farmer and one that still works in the dairy industry...I'm biased, but I also have very solid bone density! ;)


That looks and sounds so awesome.

In Italy, even children don't drink milk, only babies. We took our 5 year old on a tour and they didn't understand when we asked for a glass of milk in a restaurant. They brought WARM milk!

Susie Sears Taylor

I don't like milk unless it is chocolate or in a malt. My cousin, however, loves milk and always orders it in a restaurant. Sometimes the waitress/waiter looks very surprised but more often they smile as if they too like milk. My cousin has beautiful skin and beautiful hair. I don't...go figure.


YAY for milk! Adult milk drinkers UNITE! :)

Also... yay for this recipe -- looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Alicia.


My recipe is labeled "Grandma's Gravy." :)

heather, whatchabuildin

Hey, I'm a milk drinker too! Funny thing is, I have a glass of wine while "making" dinner, then for dinner, I'll have a glass of milk! Am I the only one who does this?? :)


milk is exactly the perfect beverage for an italian lasagna dinner!

MMM Milk. "Milk does the body good"

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