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September 15, 2010


Katie Christian

YES!!! New kits AND last year's kit! I've been kicking myself for not ordering last year's Walk in the Woods! HUZZAH!!


I just ordered my kit! I'm ready for some hot chocolate drinking, cold morning walks with my puppers, and ornament crafting! This is becoming an annual tradition for me! Yay!

Susie Sears Taylor

Christmas is closer than we think! This gets the juices flowing.

Farmgirl Susan

Your ornaments are all so darling, Alicia. Such a joy to look at. Your talents and creativity never cease to amaze me. LOVE the polar bear's neckwarmer. :)


That red coat is my favorite. SO sweet! Especially with the attached mittens. The whole collection is just darling!

Troy Louise

Oh wow! These are adorable & thanks for rereleasing the old kits. I missed the first one & may have to have that too! I really appreciate all of the hard work you & Andy put in to these - they are superb.


the ornaments keep getting better and better every year! thank you for making the previous years kits available.
can't wait to get them!! :)

Michelle H

I cannot get over how amazing that red coat is. I want.. no I need one in full grown up size. It's stunning!

Cynthia Holzhauer

These are just adorable! Do you think you'll offer the patterns separately for those of us who have embarassingly massive stashes of craft goodies overwhelming our homes and don't really need the materials?

Catherine Gantt

Love these! And love the new banner! Just gorgeous!

Victory Garden Yarn

Oh oh oh!!! If only I had better sewing and embroidery skills! Maybe I'll get this, just in case I feel like tackling something with a sewing needle and not a knitting needle.

The red coat reminds the book, 'A New Coat for Anna'. Which is my favorite not only because my first name is Anna, but I love the illustrations of the entire process of gathering and dyeing the wool, all the way up to the finished coat. Yum.

Okay, I just convinced myself. I NEED THIS KIT!


Alicia, these are just lovely. I think I would go mad if I had to put together the kits!! (I must say everything I've ordered from you has been such a treat-- so nicely presented and packaged), Thank goodness you have such great helpers. Looking forward to a guest blog by Andy!!


Oh! I think these might be my favorites!! I absolutely adore your kits and I cannot wait to begin working on these--I don't know what I would do if you got tired of putting these together every year!


Oh, I get it... P.B. is Polar Bear. Alicia, you crack me up! I love how you've painted a word picture to go with each set...


I LOVE the coat!


Such an adorable kit! I just ordered one, and it makes the coming cold weather so much more inviting. I love, love, love the red coat, and the mittens are the perfect chance for me to try cross-stitch, which I have been wanting to do for eons. Thank you, Alicia!


LOVE! Any chance of releasing just the patterns on their own instead of as kits?? :-)


These are adorable. I LOVE the mitten. Can't wait to break out the Christmas music and drink a chai latte!


These are lovely Alicia. Hopefully I can get my hands on a set or two!
Me: "Umm... Cutie, do you think I could get these super adorable Christmas ornament kits to make?" (batting eyes and looking really cute!)


Well these are just gorgeous! Your new studio has not disappointed! These will go perfectly with this year's handmade Christmas.


Didn't see the finished sizes of these mentioned anywhere. Is there an approximate inch height?

Crystal M.

Whoohoo!! I've been absent from your wonderful blog for about a month - I spent the last two nights catching up! And just in time to get my hands on the new ornament kits. YAY!! I already placed my order and I can't wait to get my kit!

Oh, and I also wanted to say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" for sharing your new studio on your blog. I'm in the midst of revamping my own crafting space and found the perfect inspiration here once again.
Thanks so much Alicia!


I'm so glad you are doing these this year! I wanted to order so bad last year but didn't have the extra cash, so I'm hoping I can get a set this year. These are so special, real treasures that I would want to pass down to my daughter and then her kids later on, etc. Thank you so much for all your hard work -- the rest of us certainly appreciate it!!


These are just the most gorgeous things I think I've ever seen! Each one got a "Wow" as I scrolled down!


Yay! i have bee so excited to see this year's kit -it's a beauty!!
i CANNOT wait to get started making these -will you be offering the pdf pattern for sale like last time?
pretty please?? xxx

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