There's a Good Dog

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Oh, this dog.


She likes to sleep on top of my clothes that I throw on the bed.


She yawns about forty-five times a day. She is the drowsiest, floppiest, cuddliest, kissiest puppers you've ever seen.


Unless of course someone makes a noise six blocks away and then she is on it.


For a moment. And then she goes right back to nappers.


What you don't want to see is the electrician, standing in your bathroom torn down to the studs, with his face in his hands, shaking his head, as I just did.


You want to see him smiling and nodding, and saying, "No problem! This will be very easy and inexpensive!"


But I love my new quilt so much. This is the Oregon Summer quilt that I started earlier this summer. Gayle, Amy's mom of Tillie Studio quilted it so beautifully for me. The backing is kind of a terra-cotta pink cotton gingham (printed gingham), and the binding (I did it by machine and then by hand) is actually a pink and white candy-stripe. It was pure pleasure making this one, and my knees were very, very happy with me (because I didn't make them crawl around pinning every square). The dog, however, missed laying on it while I was working on it. So she's making up for it now. People ask me how I keep pet hair off my furniture. And I just say, "Seventy-two dpi. It hides a multitude of sins."


Not kitters's carpet poms, but black dog hair, at least.

*Sorry I forgot to mention this — for those who have asked about sizing/quantities of fabric, etc., I used my Ollalieberry Ice Cream quilt pattern for this quilt. It is available to download in my web shop. Thank you!


An electrician with his face in his hands? Shaking his head?? I think I would have started crying before he even told me what the problem had turned out to be.

Hi Alicia-

I love the quilt and the poochie is just so darn adorable!!!

Typical corgi behavior:-) Mine love my bed but we got ours raised and now those little stubby legs can't reach. Only my St. Bernard makes the jump no problemo--drives me nuts! Lovely quilt--reminds me of a quilt I saw at a country fair onec with First Prize pinned on it.

Oh, my, you do crack me up! I'm miserable from oral surgery you were just what I and Miss Clover that is. I'm ready to put the binding on my first Halloween quilt made for my grandson. Turns out it'll fit a full size bed!!! I'm afraid I subscribe to the 'more is better' motto.....and I just kept adding more fun fabric on...til it blew up!
Hang in with the construction because when it is all'll be in heaven...and debt, of course. smile!!!

Sorry to hear about the electrician. :( But on the bright side your quilt turned about beautifully. Clover knows good stuff when she sees it!

love the series of pix! too cute - makes me want a dog really, really badly!

Little Clover Meadow is just too cute! My black lab loves to sleep on my clothes too, it's like a security blanket for her, nice to feel so needed.

Keeping my fingers crossed that things go smooth with your renovation.

love, C

Love seeing your bed with the light that hangs from the headboard! My parents had one on their bed when I was growing and I wish I still had!

Can I come live in your life for awhile? It's so lovely....
And I am definitely NOT a dog person, but I told my husband the other day that if we ever do end up getting a dog (my daughter is enamored by them), I'd have to get a Corgi purely because of all your posts about your sweet cuddly puppers!

72dpi? And your photos always so stunning and clear! Incredible.

And I notice you have used that little red print before (or something very like it) - the red on ivory or cream - it makes a very nice effect. You like red and white, I think. Your taste in decorating is beautiful.

Awww, I love your little doggy. :-)
The quilt turned out the colors.

Oh bathroom surprises-yuck, beautiful, sunny, fruity quilt-yay! Follow the puppers and just lay down or better yet hide under those gorgeous covers so you can't see the plumber's expressions!
Peace, Ang

(((Hey Clovie!))) You are so cute. Tell your mom I LOVE her new quilt.

A friend just bought this on a t-shirt. I want to embroider it on something:

Shed Happens. Brush it off.

so there anything cuter than a corgi? fifi and i say no....other than that precious pillow.....please share what, where, and it. quilt=amazing... so lovely.

Love the Quilt! On a side note though- where did you get those adorable pillow cases?? :)

Adorable dog and beautiful quilt. The entire scene is darling. Love your use of 72 dpi.

My Corgi does the exact same things. Sleepiest, blobish, thing in our house. She's also a big fan of pillows.

Pretty, pretty bedroom. No wonder wonder-pup wants to nap all day. :) She and the room are made for each other!

violet cadburry says: September 30, 2010 at 10:01 PM

Love your blog and your dedication to real time work. You can always tell the fakers who "design" items and send them to China to make and then post the finished work on a blog......your imprecision is what makes your pieces artistic and unique. I am amazed at the almost mechanical precision of your handmade stitches. I am going to buy your books soon, and am trying to re-learn embroidery, thanks for making it really spelled out:)

Your quilt was so quintessentially Oregon Summer. A pleasure to work on, and no surprise that your binding is just perfect. Thanks for the props for Tillie Studio.

Boy, what a cheery bed and a cute dog you have!

Yes, I agree, when naps can be taken in such beautiful and cozy surroundings, who wouldn't yawn all day?! :-) The quilt is beautiful and I adore the binding! Keeping fingers crossed for your electricity!

Oh dear! It's when the shaking of the head is accompanied by tutting and a slow, noisy intake of breath, with eyebrows raised, that you need to worry. Beautiful quilt.

ann (from Belgium) says: October 01, 2010 at 05:23 AM

love the quilt but also love that cusion. Is it from your book?

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